• Blue Dynamo

    Blue Dynamo

    Hi-Tech Armored Villain
  • Bronze Fist

    Bronze Fist

    Electricity melée superhero
  • Captain Jared Derbin

    Captain Jared Derbin

    Portland Police Special Operations Captain
  • Crag


    Rocklike skin ex-soviet weightlifter
  • Dr. Glisan

    Dr. Glisan

    Evil genius head in a jar
  • Inferno


    Fiery Villainess
  • James "Wolfman" Purcell

    James "Wolfman" Purcell

    Leader of biker gang that runs mostly in the Rockwood area.
  • Ringmaster


    Leader of the Circus Freaks
  • Rudra


    Stretching Villain
  • Seraphim


    Tall with small iridescent scales covering body and eyes glowing with an iridescent color.
  • The Midnight Wiz

    The Midnight Wiz

    Male, Height 5'9", Wears black pants, black long sleeve shirt, white tennis shoes, and a cowl hooded cape. Carries a staff with a blue crystal on the end.
  • Vermina


    Animal control (rats)