Heroic Portland

Superhero school

After a couple of uneventful weeks in Portland our heroes finally get to attend class in order to receive their superhero credentials. Arriving at the PPD building in downtown Portland a new DSA agent greets them, one April Miller. April is as close to the exact opposite of the last DSA agent as is possible, young, vibrant, attractive, and very excited to be meeting actual superheroes for the first time in her career with the DSA. She quickly leads them into a conference room and after handing out some voluminous tomes as study materials she starts in with lecturing the group on how superheroes fit in to the scheme of things in America. Many long hours later Bronze Fist is daydreaming about stopping crime and staring out the window when every monitor and TV screen in the PPD Building flares to life with the visage of Dr. Glisan!

Hello Portland, my name is Dr. Rodney Glisan. For years I have stayed in the shadows, quietly shaping our beloved city. Molding this city longer than any of you has been alive! I have watched as this beautiful city has turned into a decadent cesspool of vice and corruption!

No More!

No more will I content myself with a shadowy existence while the masses revel at the appearance of masquerading buffoons!! Bronze Fist?!? Seraphim?!? Charlatans!!! Ion, Spirit and The Midnight Wiz?!? Costumed Clowns!!!

I will put an end to this foolishness! My vision for the future will be realized!

With this statement loud explosions are heard outside and the building shakes with the concussive force. The heroes rush into action, Spirit opens his pocket dimension and urges April to step inside for her own safety. Just before the entrance closes he asks her, “So, are we OK to go stop this guy since we haven’t finished the course yet?” The rest of the heroes rush to the rooftop to get a good assessment of what has happened. No vehicles move in the city, power seems to be out everywhere. A shimmering dome of energy glows in the sky as smoke rises from several parts of the city. Ion spots a passenger plane in trouble, it appears to be headed for the Columbia river. With his super speed he rushes to save the plane. Bronze Fist spots trouble on the Marquam bridge on the south end of the city and rushes off in that direction.

Arriving in time Ion uses his gravity control to make the passenger plane light enough that he can maneuver it with his TK ability. Ion sets the plane down at the Portland airport safely. Bronze Fist finds a car in flames on the bridge that is much too close to a fuel tanker for his liking and throws the car into the river. The rest of the League begins getting people off of the bridge and to safety. Bronze Fist notices the water is no longer moving under the bridge, it seems the energy dome is cutting off the river.

The heroes quickly come to the realization that they are the only ones in the city with a viable communications system in The Midnight Wiz’s magic communication crystals. Bronze Fist wants to make sure and keep any mobs from forming and looting from happening. Iron Bow feels he may be of most use in checking the hospitals with his medical background, but then realizes that there are still several super villains that had been left in the PPD’s custody! Rushing back to PPD headquarters they find Portland’s finest rushing in and out of the building via bicycle and horseback. Captain Derbin has set up a command post in the lobby and they ask him about the villains in the holding cells. It seems that when the power went down they managed to break out of their cells. Their current whereabouts are unknown and, unfortunately, the recapture of the villains is not high on the police priority list currently. With the PPD arguing that they have things more or less under control the heroes decide to try and solve the puzzle of getting rid of the barrier.

Ion runs to the edge of the energy barrier and discovers that it cuts down into the ground, it is possible that the entire city is actually en-globed by the energy barrier! When Bronze Fist nears the barrier he discovers that it is draining his electrical energy powers, the barrier must be some sort of dampening field. Ion tries using weather control to it the barrier from outside with lightening, the energy just dissipates over the dome. Bronze fist throws nearby debris at the field only to watch it shatter against the energy barrier. The Midnight Wiz, Spirit, and Iron Bow decide to try and find the center of the dome area, hoping that some sort of generator for the barrier can be found at that location. Unfortunately no such device is found. With the energy barrier dampening electricity the heroes decide to try and use a compass to locate the barriers source, rationalizing that the compass should point to the strongest electrical source in the dome. The compass points unerringly north. Ion runs to the furthest northern point inside the barrier and tries to look out through the shimmering energy, though hazy and indistinct he spies a beam of energy coming down out of the sky from the north.

Midnight Wiz tries to transmute a hole through the barrier but cannot effect enough of it to succeed. Likewise his attempts to use his own force field fail. Spirit attempts to open the door to his pocket dimension on the other side of the barrier, he has never attempted opening the door further than a couple of feet from himself and this taxes him greatly but he is capable of opening it up far enough away from himself that he can get at least a few people outside. Ion, Midnight Wiz, and Bronze Fist are chosen to try and get out and disable the energy barrier at it’s source. Bronze Fist makes sure to grab one of the adamantium bars he has stashed at his rail car before they make their way out of the city. The exertion of opening the portal so far from his own body is taxing on Spirit but he manages to get the other three heroes outside the barrier safely. While Bronze Fist, Ion, and Midnight Wiz go after the source of the barrier, Spirit, and Iron Bow return to helping the citizens of Portland through the crisis at hand, and possibly spotting the escaped villains Vermina, Crag, and Rudra.

Following the energy beam to it’s source, Midnight Wiz, Bronze Fist, and Ion come upon a 30 foot in diameter version of Dr. Glisan’s drones. This huge drone is projecting the barrier encapsulating Portland. Bronze Fist tells Midnight Wiz to set him down on top of the drone and begins bashing his way inside with the bar of adamantium. Once inside he let’s out with a huge burst of electrical energy, disabling the machine. He jumps back out and Ion uses his gravity control powers to keep the machine from plummeting to the earth. Meanwhile, back in Portland, Iron Bow and Spirit watch the barrier dissipate and check to make sure emergency generators kick in at the area hospitals. The three escaped villains are not spotted.



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