A new crop of heroes appear in Portland. Who are these masked men? What challenges will they face? And, most importantly….why have there been no heroes in Portland for the last decade?


Confirming months of speculation, JEFF DEE and JACK HERMAN, the creators of the superhero role-playing game VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™, are announcing that the Third Edition of V&V™ is currently in development. JACK HERMAN, V&V co-creator and co-founder of Money House Games, commented: “Jeff and I are already deep into the work of creating the Third Edition of V&V™. As the sole authorized publisher of Villains and Vigilantes™, this Third Edition will be available exclusively from Monkey House Games. Accept no substitutes.” JEFF DEE, V&V co-creator and co-founder of Money House Games added “We want the Third Edition of V&V to be accessible to new RPG players yet comfortably familiar to our long-time players. We are working hard to insure that our game will be extremely compatible with the previous 2.1 version of Villains and Vigilantes, while at the same time bringing V&V into the 21st Century.”

A release date for VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES 3.0 will be announced in 2011.

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VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is a trademark of MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™. VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ is the classic tabletop superhero role-playing game created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman. MONKEY HOUSE GAMES™ is the game company created by Jeff Dee and Jack Herman for the release of all material relating to the VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ Universe, and is the exclusive source for officially authorized VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES™ role-playing game material.

For further information, please visit www.monkeyhousegames.com or www.villainsandvigilantes.com

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Heroic Portland

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