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Heroic Portland: A V&V Campaign

First and foremost I wish to thank Jeff Dee and Jack Herman for creating the roleplaying goodness that is Villains and Vigilantes. V&V has been around roughly 30 years. Although it is no longer under development I feel it is one of the best superhero rpg’s available.

House Rules

Magical Items


Our campaign setting is quite simple, modern day Portland Oregon is our heroes home city. The campaign may take the heroes to other locations from time to time but Portland is their home base. Of course the Portland of our campaign has one major difference from the true Portland, OR…. super powered heroes and villains.

Castle Rock

Current Events

The hero previously know as Eagle (now Spirit) has returned to town after a long spiritual journey. Crime fighting ensued, villains have been arrested (street thugs really but hey). More clues have been uncovered. Mystery’s have deepened all the same.

V&V Legion map

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