House Rules

The following house rules will be used for character creation.

Powers Generation

This method of random power generation differs slightly from the 2nd edition rulebook in that the fewer powers you get the more choice you have in which powers you receive. This method was first proposed by David Astley in 1998.

For number of powers, roll D6+2.
If you roll a 6, randomly roll 8 powers and one weakness.
If you roll a 5, randomly roll 7 powers and CHOOSE one weakness.
If you roll a 4, randomly roll 5 powers and CHOOSE one. Random weakness.
If you roll a 3, randomly roll 4 powers. CHOOSE one power AND weakness.
If you roll a 2, randomly roll 2 powers. CHOOSE two powers AND a weakness.
If you roll a 1, CHOOSE all 3 powers and the weakness.
You still must drop one power. You can also drop a second power to get rid of the weakness.

Character Attributes

V&V advocates playing yourself as a superhero. The rulebook talks about figuring out what your stats would be and then rolling for superpowers. We will be using a hybrid method in which we roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die for attributes. We will still be playing ourselves with the addition of superpowers as far as background and knowledge goes. Players may, optionally, play as a younger version of themselves in regards to age of the character.

Additional House Rules to be determined

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House Rules

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