Castle Rock

The Castle Rock Super Max facility is located 1/8th of a mile under Castle Rock itself. Miles from any town, the staff is bused from Baker. Most employees stay onsite during their work week and the facility has barracks and recreational equipment for the staff.


Warden – Wesley Frazier
Office Staff – Pearl James & Trixie Vanderbilt

Guards – male section of the prison (* denotes guard with EMT training)
Callum Forrester*
Tad Rockefeller
Thorne Welty*
Marco Berkeley
Dimitri Buchanan*
Fletcher Vanderbilt (Brother of Trixie)
Dante Huntington
Kyle Harriman*
Hutch Fitzgerald
Chuck James
John Ketchum*
Allan Buck*
Morgan Angus*
Rufus Black
Virgil Banks*
Dutch Deavers
Billy Clanton
Chuck “Red” Dalton
Takato Vasquez*
Mike Zumorito

Guards – female section
Caitlin James*
Abigail Benford
Julia Clanton (wife of Billy Clanton)
Helena Dalton (Red’s cousin)
Angela Earp*
Susanna Fisher*
Arichito Lukiariku
India Berkeley (wife of Marco)
Lucinda Cavendish*
Chloe DeLuca*
Clarice Lenox
Belle Aster
Madeline Ledbetter
Madeline Webb
Daisey Johnson*
Merritt Tilgham
Aleasa Thompson*
Brimeth Welty (sister of Thorne)
Lucinda Tagliano*
Francesca Giamotti

Prison Doctor – Richard Twycross



  • Javier Fox aka Jaguar (detailed in Amazing Triple Action #1)
  • Bernard Crenshaw aka Coil (detailed in Amazing Triple Action #1)
  • Gus Polson aka Scattershell (detailed in Amazing Triple Action #1)
  • Anton Vanderlooy aka Hacker (detailed in Amazing Triple Action #1)
  • Daniel Han aka Dragonhand (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 1)
  • Jacob Beachly aka Jaws (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 1)
  • Ronald McLaury aka Ringmaster
  • Kevin Vanderlaan aka Warwagon (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 3)


  • Lisa Grass aka Crater (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 3)
  • Shadon aka Mind Mauler (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 3)
  • Sister Elizabeth Crane aka Sister Indigo (detaied in Super Crooks & Criminals)
  • Christine Friday aka Crossfire (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 1)
  • Meryl Jordan aka Mirage (detailed in Most Wanted Vol 1)

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Castle Rock

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