Heroic Portland

My that's a REALLY big tree

C.H.E.S.S. has the NYPD evacuate the Chrysler building and everything in a one block radius for safety. The heroes are given special goggles that should protect them from the effects of the blinding blue flash. They take position outside the Chrysler building near the bungee jump stunt location. After several hours another immense flash occurs and a gigantic tree appears in front of the building. The tree is ten stories tall and begins to move towards the building under its own power!

The heroes leap in to action, dubbing the monstrous tree creature “Woodzilla”, Seraphim throws his flames at it. The flames seem to have a very strong effect as Woodzilla shoots several spines back at the flying superhero. Spirit comes in close to try and detect any weakness the immense tree may have, his heightened senses show him the obvious….. the creature burns quite readily. Psimon attempts to communicate with the tree telepathically but finds not discernible intelligence. With this knowledge he advises the heroes to “pull no punches” as the beast seems mindless. The Midnight Wiz Tries using his force-fields against the tree to little effect, only Seraphim’s flames seem to be doing much against the creature. Ion speeds to a local gas station and telekinetic-ally gathers 40 gallons of gasoline to bring back to the battle. Flinging the gas upon the creature he then lights it ablaze, the resulting fireball scortches a huge section of roadway but also finishes off the rampaging tree creature.

C.H.E.S.S. and other leads

The heroes take what they have to the NY C.H.E.S.S. office for help. After viewing the footage from Holly’s bungee jump, and seeing the blue flash evident when the footage is slowed down considerably, they do a quick search for other incidents that may have similar blue flashes present. It takes awhile but footage from a bank robbery is found that exhibits a similar blue flash.

The heroes head to “The Bank of State” to look over the crime scene. Many items were stolen from the “warranty room” including several Frank Frazetta originals, $4,000,000 in uncut diamonds, $800,000 in rare coins, $2,000,000 in Brazilian Bearer Bonds, and a countless number of business and personal papers from NY’s rich and famous. The rear wall of the vault has an door sized oval hole in it that shows no signs of having been cut or otherwise demolished for entry. No dust, no debris, the material of the wall is simply no linger there. The bungee cord of Holly Combs showed a similar effect, the end showing no signs of having been cut, the rest of teh cord simply was no longer there.

Several other individuals are in the vault, looking through various lock boxes to ascertain their losses. As the heroes are asking questions a powerful flash occurs behind them. One of the bystanders in the vault clutches his eyes and screams as he falls over. The heroes turn to see a four armed, four legged, four faced creature advancing upon them carrying a rather large sword and a crossbow. After a fierce battle, the creature is defeated and Spirit rushes to aid the fallen bystander. He manages to revive the gentleman who turns out to be a Dr. Grayson. The doctor was looking through the vault for an experimental microprocessor that is needed to save the life of a nine year old boy. If it is not located and brought to the hospital within 24 hours the boy will die. Dr. Grayson’s eyes have been destroyed by the blue flash, it is lucky that the heroes hadn’t been facing in the same direction.

Back at C.H.E.S.S there is even worse news, the secondary teleportation is likely a side effect of the dimensional teleport used to get rid of the vaults wall. It is highly likely that a similar incident will occur at the location of Holly Combs stunt. The heroes have just a few hours to figure out what to do if the incidents timing is similar to the robberies.

Supermodel abduction

The League of Legends is contacted by Caveat Allure, agency for supermodel Holly Combs. Holly has disappeared during a stunt appearance at the Chrysler Building in New York. They would like the heroes to come to the east coast and locate Holly. The heroes agree and are flown to New York in the agency’s private jet. Along the way they are shown footage of the stunt, a bungee jump from the top of the building. Everything appears to be going fine but when Holly should be reaching the end of the cord she disappears. Slowing down the footage reveals a blue flash at the moment of her disappearance.

Upon arrival in New York the heroes bring the footage to the local C.H.E.S.S. office for further analysis. The scientists at C.H.E.S.S. give several theories for the flash, the most likely being some form of dimensional teleportation.

On probation!

After the DSA finishes investigating the wrongful deaths at the hands of Spirit, his license is placed in a probationary status. A DSA agent is assigned to shadow Spirit when he is “on duty”, with instruction to not perform any superhero actions without his new partner.

The heroes leave PPD headquarters, relieved that Spirit has not been charged with a crime but somewhat apprehensive about the DSA agent in their midst. It will be four months of having this agent tag along.

Upon returning to the Legion’s HQ they find that someone has been in the building! Apparently the trespasser has cleaned and organized the entire HQ. Ion searches the entire building at super speed while The Midnight Wiz looks over the computer. Spirit grabs the shoulder of his new “leash” and makes both himself and the agent invisible and non corporeal. The agent, now blinded by Spirit’s actions, is drug along as Spirit searches the building. Midnight Wiz finds that someone has accessed the computer as well, using his own access codes to do so!

The next thing the heroes know, they are waking up in what appears to be a lounge of some sort. There is a dance floor in the center of the large room, surrounded by tables and chairs. At one end of the long room is a buffet table and some vending machines. At the other end of the room is the entrances to restrooms. Searching the mens room, they find a severed hand clasping a pistol. In the foyer of the womens room they find the mummified remains of a woman that the DSA agent recognizes as the Brazilian superhero O Cometa, who disappeared while fighting the Sky Pirates of Patagonia over 50 years ago.

Against Intercrime

The heroes tail Max to the Intercrime base. Spirit reconnoiters the base while invisible and non corporeal. The Portland Police surround the office building to capture any villains fleeing the scene. After mapping out the entire base a plan is devised to take on the man who appears to be in charge, he also appears to have the arm of a demon grafted on where his right arm should be. Spirit remains in the outer lobby of his office, invisible, while he opens the doorway to his pocket dimension inside the office proper. Shockwave, Ion, and The Midnight Wiz step out of the portal and confront Fire-Arm.

The battle is short, especially in the outer office. Spirit lays into the two guards there with his adamantine staff. Shortly after the battle begins the bodyguard manages to hit an alarm, sealing the inner and outer office behind a forcefield. The majority of the personnel flee the base and are captured by the PPD special ops squad waiting outside. When the fight is over it is discovered that the two guards Spirit attacked are dead, in fact they have been beaten to pulp. Spirit tries to revive the two men but his spell fails to bring them back to life; it appears that they have been too badly damaged to revive. Shockwave grabs the bodies in an effort to hide them just as Captain Derbin walks into the room. Spirit confesses to his actions immediately. Captain Derbin has no choice but to take Spirit into custody.

The Firebrand's

After finishing up construction on the League’s new computer system (run on magical energy), Midnight Wiz get’s a call from Captain Jared Derbin. A body has been found floating in the Willamette and he would like Wiz to come and take a look at it, it seems to be some sort of a demon. Ion accompanies the Wiz down to PPD headquarters and they are shown to the Medical Examiners office. Midnight Wiz is not one hundred percent certain but the body does resemble demon’s that he studied during his apprenticeship to become a wizard. He believes the creature would have had tremendous strength and the ability to produce flames from it’s body as well. The right arm of the creature has been surgically removed, and not by the M.E.

Captain Derbin has some other news for the heroes, there has been a string of robberies being committed in the NW Portland area. The robbers are all dressed in gleaming silver suits and have some sort of flame projecting wrist devices. One officer has been injured during one robbery and Capt. Derbin wants the gang captured before they injure anyone else. Ion and Midnight Wiz decide to stake out the neighborhood most of the robberies have been committed in.

After several days of quiet they finally spot the gang flying close to the ground from their perch atop the US Bank-corp building. Ion‘s enhancements to his goggles have paid off! They leap to pursue the gang and catch up to them shortly after they have entered a bank in the Pearl district. After a quick recon and an even quicker fight, the Firebrand’s are subdued and brought to justice. Some minor property damage to the bank occurs, but it is all due to the actions of the Firebrands, no hostages are injured during the scuffle.

Into the lair of Dr Glisan!

With The Midnight Wiz’s tracking spell finally completed the heroes set about tracking dowwn Dr. Glisan. They manage to locate the entrance to his underground lair, looks like the heroes will have to take a swim in the Willamette river to get to it though!

Ion scouts out the entrance first, finding a wide tunnel at the bottom of the river, carved into the western bank and leading under Portland’s downtown area. It leads back seventy odd feet before ending at a massive metal hatch. Midnight Wiz creates a force field bubble around everyone except Ion, who pushes the bubble through the water and down the tunnel. Once at the hatch, Spirit opens his pocket dimension and everyone climbs in. He then moves through the hatch while non corporeal and lets everyone back out.

The heroes find themselves inside a hanger with Dr. Glisan’s flying submarine contraption. Spirit goes invisible and non corporeal to scout out the base. While he scouts around Midnight Wiz decides to try and disable the controls to the hanger door so Glisan and his underlings cannot escape. He transmutes the controls for the door into air but sets off an alarm, alerting the base to their presence! Spirit looks around in amazement as the empty hallway he is in lights up with flashing red alarms. A doorway to the west opens and six armed men come out carrying guns. Spirit alerts the rest of the group to the men headed their way and then walks into the wall, continuing north and away from the ensuing conflict. Iron Bow, The Midnight Wiz, and Ion move into the storage area beyond the hanger to confront the oncoming henchmen.

Spirit finds himself in another hallway to the north when he spots several of the drones Glisan has used in the past to spy on the heroes. He moves through a doorway to escape their notice and finds himself confronting James “Wolfman” Purcell and Inferno! It’s a good thing he is still invisible though and he waits to see what they are about to do. Unfortunately the door swings open and the drones open fire on Spirit. It appears they can sense him even while invisible! He runs into the wall to escape their fire and moves to the east through solid rock.

The rest of the heroes have managed to take down half of the henchmen with guns, one of them now running around naked after having his clothes and gun transmuted to air by Midnight Wiz, when the drones start entering the fray. The blasts from the drones hit hard and the heroes begin to worry for their lives as Purcell and Inferno catch up with them as well! Inferno let’s loose with a fiery blast, frying one of the henchmen in an effort to kill Ion. Ion’s powers allow him to shrug off the blast however. In a flash of inspiration Midnight Wiz uses his tracking spell and reverses the flow of energies, frying all five of the drones at once!Ion nails Inferno with a gravity attack, crumpling her to the ground and unconsciousness. Iron Bow finishes off more of the henchmen (the naked one being ignored even though he manages to land a few punches). Spirit returns to the fight and hits Purcell with a large stick he picks up. Purcell manages to sense Spirit, even though he is invisible, and nails him with a bolt of lightening! Having subdued Inferno, Ion tries another gravity attack on Purcell and misses at first. The heroes are running out of juice and feeling rather battered when another doorway opens to the west. Dr. Glisan has arrived on the scene!

“I see that I will have to handle you meddling heroes myself!”, he exclaims and then unleashes a power blast that knocks Iron Bow across the room. Iron Bow staggers back to his feet as Spirit rushes over and heals him quickly. Iron Bow lets fly with a thunk arrow that bounces off the robotic body of Dr. Glisan. Ion manages to land his attack on Purcell, bringing him to the ground with a resounding crash. Purcell glares at Ion, unable to move now the he weighs twenty four times his original weight. Ion begins to drop heavy objects on Purcell as the rest of the team works on Dr. Glisan. One of Dr. Glisan’s blasts pierces Midnight Wiz’s force field, nearly killing him. He hits Iron Bow again and again, Spirit doing his best to keep him standing. The naked henchman is finally knocked unconscious shortly before Purcell also succumbs. Now faced with only Dr. Glisan, the group is horrified as another blast rips into the Midnight Wiz, killing him! With a final cry the rest of the team finally triumphs over Dr. Glisan, beating him into unconsciousness.

Spirit approaches the still form of Midnight Wiz and begins an incantation. Sweat soaking through his clothes, torn and bleeding, he staggers to his knees as the spell finishes and Midnight Wiz draws in gasp of air!

Meanwhile back at the Prison!

While The Midnight Wiz works on his tracking spell in an effort to locate Dr. Glisan‘s hidden lair, Ion and Spirit return to Castle Rock and their undercover efforts. One night, while Ion works monitor duty, the cameras go out down in solitary confinement. Ion calls in to the other guards but is unable to raise the guard station in the male prisoners wing. He decides to wake Spirit up and let him know what is happening. Spirit makes his way down to the bottom level of the prison and finds five guards in Bronze Fist’s cell. The guards are unconscious, as is Bronze Fist, the smell of ozone in the air from electrical discharge. Bronze Fist also has several bullet wounds and a large swelling on the side of his head.

Spirit heals the guards, fearing that Bronze Fist may have gone on another rampage. When they awaken they pull their guns on him however.

“Who the hell are you!?!”, yells one of the guards.

“Take it easy guys, I am on your side here.”, replies Spirit.

“Bullsh*t! Glisan didn’t say anything about anyone else here helping us!”, and with that they open fire at Spirit.

Thankfully Spirit had remained non corporeal and the bullets passed right through him. He acts quickly to place Bronze Fist into his pocket dimension and get him out of harms way. Ion, hearing the exchange through the communication crystal all of the league members wear, races to the elevator to try and assist Spirit.

With Bronze Fist safely in the pocket dimension, Spirit turns on his attackers, felling one quickly with a sharp blow to the temple. Ion arrives on the scene and lays into the guards from behind with a nightstick. The guards are quickly subdued, Ion recognizes all of them as employees of the prison he has been working with in his guise as a guard. After questioning they find that all of them had been in on getting Purcell the cybernetic implants and helping him install them. Dr. Glisan recently contacted them again, ordering them to kill Bronze Fist in his cell.

Bronze Fist is taken to the medical facility in the prison and several bullets are removed, afterward Spirit attempts to heal his injuries. While the healing seems to work, Bronze Fist does not wake up. It seems he has slipped into a coma, possibly due to the head injury sustained in the fight. The electrical field normally surrounding Bronze Fists body is gone, whether or not it is permanent is unknown. Spirit confers with the warden and since Bronze Fist has served a month in solitary he has no issue with him being taken to a hospital in Portland for monitoring and treatment.

Hello New Friend!

After the destruction of Lone Rock the heroes take the survivors to The Dalles for medical attention. The majority of the survivors are elderly and the the high central desert country of Oregon is no place to be left out of doors in winter. They get the survivors into Spirit‘s pocket dimension and then fly to the medical center in The Dalles. Upon arrival they are spotted coming out of the pocket dimension by a young man who rushes over to great them. The excited young man exclaims he too is a hero and would like to join their group in order to help them fight evil. The Midnight Wiz and Ion give the youth a chance to show them what he can do. Inside the pocket dimension he speaks a word and is transformed into Shockwave! Midnight Wiz has heard of him before, the scuttlebutt on this “hero” has not been good, popular opinion being he may actually be a villain. They decide to take a chance and allow him to work with the group for the time being. Next stop Castle Rock in order to turn Blue Dynamo and Shrike over to the authorities.

Along the way Shockwave makes several suggestions for dealing with the villains, including making their own prison on the moon! Which leads to a confession about him bringing the lunar lander back one time but being told by NASA to put it back where he found it. Midnight Wiz manages to squelch Shockwaves suggestions and get him to go along with just turning the bad guys over to the proper authorities. Aftter turning the villains over to the guards the lead guard tells Midnight Wiz that the warden would like to speak with them. Warden Frazier greets them and brings them into his office. He explains that he knows that Bronze Fist is masquerading as The Red Rager and languishing in the hole of his prison. While he is OK with keeping his identity secret he feels that Bronze Fist must remain there for at least one month for injuring several guards when he went on a rampage in order to question several other inmates. Midnight Wiz agrees to talk with Bronze Fist and explain the situation to him.

With one day left on his weekend off from “guard duty” at the prison, Ion and the others question Blue Dynamo. Blue Dynamo answers their questions easily enough, telling the heroes of Dr. Glisan’s plans. It seems Glisan is developing a bomb that he boasts “Will reshape Portland as he wants it!” Furthermore Blue Dynamo has been to Glisan’s base before, unfortunately all he knows is that the entrance to the base is under water and in the vicinity of Portland. The heroes latch on to the idea of it being in one of the islands, either in the Columbia or Willamette rivers. Government Island is searched first to no avail, Ross Island is searched as well. Neither island yields up a base.

Seeking another avenue, Midnight Wiz returns to the PPD and talks with Sharon in the lab to see if she has discovered an energy emission that may be detectable from the probe she has been studying. She has finally found a detectable emission and gives Midnight Wiz the details on it. He sets out to craft a new spell capable of tracking the energy emissions in hopes they may lead them all to Glisan’s hidden base.

Death in a small town

Having captured Blue Dynamo the heroes make plans to take on the remaining villains. Spirit will stay in the pocket dimension and make sure that Blue Dynamo doesn’t escape. The Midnight Wiz, Ion, and Iron Bow prepare to take on James “Wolfman” Purcell, Inferno, and Shrike. Unfortunately, the villains aren’t were they were when they attacked Blue Dynamo anymore. As they look at each other in bewilderment the sounds of large hydraulic machinery is heard coming from elsewhere in the underground lair, they rush to investigate.

Entering the hanger portion of the lair they find a small VTOL capable craft with Dr. Glisan at the controls, the other villains preparing to board the craft. Shrike springs at Ion, raking him with her claws. Ion retaliates by making her way fifteen times her normal weight, she crumples to the ground. Inferno comes through a door and attempts to fry Midnight Wiz with a blast of flame. With a click and hum Dr Glisan’s voice comes over a set of loudspeakers.

“I suggest you let us leave, the base will explode in sixty seconds. The resulting blast will likely destroy the town below as well!”

Purcell sends a blast of electrical energy at Iron Bow and then ducks inside the craft. Ion makes certain that Shrike is unconscious and then super speeds towards town in an effort to save as many people as possible (thankfully the population of Lone Rock is merely fifteen souls). Iron Bow picks up the unconscious Shrike and heads for Spirit and his pocket dimension. Inferno climbs in to the waiting craft. Midnight Wiz flies straight up through the hanger doors into the night sky. As the ship lifts off, Midnight Wiz makes one last attempt to apprehend the villains with a force field pummel attack at the windscreen of the ship. The impact resistant glass cracks but holds as the ship flies off into the night, quickly attaining supersonic speeds. Wile Ion is fast he is not fast enough, Midnight Wiz can see that he won’t get to the last household in time so he attempts to reach it.

Neither hero is in time, the town is buried under a massive landslide as the base explodes spewing rocks high into the night sky.


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