Heroic Portland

Who the Heck are you Guys?!? Part Two

Bronze Fist head towards the front door but is called back by Sergeant Lewis before he makes it very far. He thrusts the note at him, “You better read this first.” The note is scrawled on a deposit slip and reads; “You have half an hour to get an APC from the Gresham armory up to the front door. The APC door will be left open and the driver will get out, leaving the vehicle running. Don’t try and get anyone into the bank or I will kill the hostages. Oh, and in case you try anything funny, I have enough explosive inside with me to take out a city block. Don’t fuck with me!”

A darkly dressed figure approaches the police line and asks to be let in, he says his name is The Midnight Wiz and the he has talents that can help. After radioing the sarge he is allowed through. As the heroes gather around the sergeant they discuss ways to get inside. Bronze Fist spotted an access hatch on the roof earlier and leaps up to check it again, he pries it open easily then returns to the group. Eagle outlines an idea, he can cast a spell to open a pocket dimension, he will then use another spell to become invisible and sneak inside before letting the rest of the team out of the pocket dimension. The other heroes agree and they set their plan into action.

Once inside Eagle does a quick recon of the bank, he lets the other heroes out and sketches the layout for them. “I was unable to find any explosives but the hostages would appear to be locked in the vault. There is one thug guarding the vault with a shotgun, the rest of the gang is in the lobby next to the front door. There is a wall between the vault and the lobby so the rest of the gang can’t see what’s happening there.”

Bronze Fist asks, “How close can you get us to that guard with your pocket dimension spell?” “Right next to him, what’s your plan?” “You get us next to him, open the dimension and we take him out quickly.”

Within moments the guard is slumping unconscious after being quite surprised to see costumed heroes appearing out of thin air in front of him. Seraphim and Bronze Fist grab a hold of the vault door while Midnight Wiz weakens the hinges by partially transmuting them into oxygen. They manage to tear the door off of the vault. Bronze Fist holds the door over his head as Seraphim talks to the hostages. James “Wolfman” Purcell Bursts through the security door from the front room as Eagle begins leading hostages out a back door towards the police. Wolfman tries to tip Bronze Fist backwards by shoving on the vault door but misses it. Bronze Fist drops the door, forcing Purcell to try and tip it away from them both or be crushed. As he deflects the door, Bronze Fist grabs a hold of Purcell by the shoulder and shocks him with his lightening powers. Wolfman takes quite a jolt but manages to stay on his feet. Midnight Wiz erects an invisible force field in the security door’s frame just in time for one of the thug’s to bounce off of it as he tries to come to his bosses aid. The other two would be bank robbers dive over a counter to try and come at the heroes from another direction. Seraphim erects a force field of his own that shimmers in the air, blocking off the remaining thugs from attacking the heroes. After pummeling Wolfman a few more times, Bronze fist throws him up the flight of stairs and through a second story window to the parking lot. He leaps after his opponent only to find him unconscious. News Teams have arrived on scene and all look on in amazement as Seraphim comes flying out the window with a thug in either hand. The Midnight Wiz drags the remaining bad guys around via the front door and they are all piled in a heap as the Portland Police Special Operations Unit finally arrives on scene.

Who the heck are you guys?!? Intermission

Two officers with riot shield’s rush forth to grab the girl as she collapses to the ground. Just before they get to her a figure materializes, kneeling next to her. He wears a feathered head dress and cloak. A soft glow emanates from the figures hands as he reaches out to her ravaged back. The wounds slowly fade away under the glow from the man’s hands. He picks up her still unconscious form and carries her back to the police line and the paramedics who have rushed forward with a stretcher. As he sets her down on the stretcher she looks up and asks him “Who are you?”

“You can call me Eagle,” is his reply, “lay back and let these men check over you, you will be ok.”

The police sergeant rushes over, “Just a minute please, excuse me miss.” He reaches in and draws the note out of her shirt pocket. He reads it and begins to swear. “Damn it! Where is that PPD squad!”

Who the heck are you guys?!? Part One
enter the heroes

A petty thug by the name of James “Wolfman” Purcell decided to up his game and stage a bank robbery. He rounded up his biker gang and charged into the Chase bank in Gresham. One of the teller’s set off the silent alarm, also triggering a vault closure.

Bronze Fist arrived first on the scene, leaping to the top of the two story building to survey the situation. Shortly thereafter several other heroes were arriving on scene, albeit without such a grandiose entrance. A winged hero landed next to the GPD sergeant in charge of the scene and offered his assistance, he names himself as Seraphim. Bronze Fist decided to jump down and join the winged hero. Sergeant Lewis quickly sketched in the situation. Purcell, along with four of his gang members, have at least nine hostages inside the bank. All the blinds have been closed so no one can see inside. The situation is tense and the sergeant remarks that this is very out of the ordinary for Wolfman and his gang.

About this time Purcell appears at the door of the bank pushing a hostage in front of him. One of the bank tellers with her hands bound behind her back. He yells out the door, “Hey PIGS! I got something for you!” With that he shoves a note in her shirt pocket and pushes the girl towards the police barricade. With all eyes on the terrified, stumbling girl no one notices Wolfman as he raises a sawed off shotgun and proceeds to shoot the girl in the back.


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