Heroic Portland

On the Trail

Iron Bow and The Midnight Wiz head after the escaped villains, stopping in several towns to the northwest of Castle Rock. It takes a week of searching but finally in Lone Rock someone has seen them. A local tells the heroes that he saw several people fly in low and head towards a cliff to the west of town a few days ago.

After dark they decide to try and look around the area the man pointed out to them, after a few hours of searching they locate a cave. Iron Bow decides to call in the rest of the team, unfortunately Bronze Fist is cooling his heels in the “hole” and needs to stay there to maintain his cover. Spirit and Ion are able to slip away from the prison and join the hunt.

A cave is spotted high up on the cliff face, upon investigation a trap door is found in the floor of the cave. A spiral staircase leads down into the rocks. Spirit scouts the hideout by utilizing two of his spells, one to become invisible and the other to become non corporeal. He glides through the walls silently and surveys the place. Blue Dynamo is found in a large room studying a map of Portland, James “Wolfman” Purcell, Inferno, and Shrike are all in smaller rooms further down a hallway. After a quick planning session it is decided to attempt capturing Blue Dynamo first. Everyone but Spirit enters his pocket dimension and then Spirit glides once more into Blue Dynamo’s room. He opens his dimensional portal directly in front of Blue Dynamo and Iron Bow grabs the villain, jerking him quickly inside. Spirit goes into the dimensional pocket as well and the heroes work to subdue Blue Dynamo. The battle is quick, Iron Bow maintaining a grapple on Blue Dynamo even as he starts to fly away carrying him. Ion reacts by making Dynamo 10x his normal weight, this slows him down but does not stop the armored villain. Iron Bow leaps off of Dynamo as Ion increases Dynamo’s weight to 16x normal. Dynamo crashes into the ground at a great speed, plowing a furrow in the sand. The increased weight is too much for him and he soon succumbs.

After several minutes of searching a release button is found and Dynamo’s helmet is removed. An older man, somewhat balding, gray at the temples, and quite skinny, is found as the armor is slowly removed.


Iron Bow and The Midnight Wiz start their investigation with a visit to Castle Rock. They use the communications crystals in order to let the rest of the team listen in on their conversations at the prison. Meeting with Warden Frazier they ask who Purcell had contact with while an inmate of the facility. Purcell spent time talking with Ringmaster as well as the mercenary trio known as Cyber-corps. Two days before the escape, Purcell got into a fight with Javier Fox, aka Jaguar, in the day room. He seemed to attack Javier for no reason and was put into “the hole” as a result. The day after being placed in solitary he escaped, shorting out most of the electrical systems in the prison along the way.

Talking with Ringmaster revealed that Purcell had been bragging about being “in” with Dr. Glisan, Ringmaster wanted nothing to do with Purcell and told him so, blaming Glisan for all his troubles. He went on to talk about how Glisan had put him up to stealing the contents of a safe in the Intel/Mattel smart toy lab in downtown Portland but he was captured in the attempt. How Glisan coerced him to try the job and what exactly was inside the safe he did not know, he figured it was some sort of prototype, possibly an A.I. program. Talking with the three cyborgs revealed much of the same info about Purcell, he liked to brag about his connection with Glisan. He also told them that he would put in a good word for them with Glisan when he got out.

Taking a different tact, the heroes decide to have a talk with Doctor Twycross to see if they have any ideas how Purcell could have gotten his “upgrades”. The doctor is unsure but Midnight Wiz notices that he is going though equipment manifests instead of patient records. Iron Bow presses the doctor about the issue and he tells them that some of the cybernetic parts used to keep Cybercorps alive (after they get rough) are missing. The doctor was hoping that the parts had been misplaced but they have not turned up yet, he has not informed the Warden of this but must do so now.

With that done the heroes head off to search for Purcell and the others in the last direction they were seen heading.

Ion arrives at the prison under the alias of Caleb Deegan, a new hire guard who has spent the last two years working at the Oregon State Penitentiary. He is introduced to Marco Berkeley, a senior guard, and advised that Marco will be in charge of training him in his duties at Castle Rock. Ion spends the next few days learning the duties of a guard at the supermax.

Bronze Fist is brought into the prison several days later under the alias of “Red Rager”, a villain captured in the Seattle area. Without his protective breastplate he glows a sullen red with crackling energy, barely suppressed by the dampening backpack he is forced to wear. He is placed in a cell on the men’s level of the prison. He spends a week just acting lethargic, as if the dampener is draining every ounce of energy he has.

When Spirit arrives as Curt Phillip, efficiency expert for the DSA, he meets with Warden Frazier right off. Warden Frazier is in on the fact that Curt is, in truth, the superhero Spirit. He is not aware of Red Rager or Caleb Deegan’s true identities however. Spirit is given a run down of the events leading up to Purcell’s escape and given a brief tour of “the hole”. Using his spells to become immaterial he searches the area for any sign that Dr. Glisan has tapped into the security system….unfortunately the search turns up nothing out of the ordinary.

Bronze Fist decides to make his move, over the last week the energy field surrounding him has grown darker. Sitting in the day room he suddenly rips the dampening pack from his body and heads down the hallway towards the guard station. The guards activate the riot suppression alarm. The hallway is sealed and pumped full of knockout gas. Bronze Fist fakes going unconscious, his willpower keeping him awake however. When the guards open the hall door to try and recover him he jumps up and attacks them. Two of the guards manage to hit him with bean bag stun guns before he unleashes stunning bolts of energy. The third guard yells out to “Flood the compartment!”. The central hub section is sealed and more knockout gas is pumped in to the room, the guard falls unconscious but Bronze Fist just moves into the guard station. Power has been cut to the controls here and he uses his powers to access the equipment, unlocking the door leading to the cells of the members of cybercorps. Once inside their cellblock he again accesses the equipment to shut off the knockout gas in this area, purging it and bringing normal air back into the cellblock. Applying a mild shock, he rouses the three cyborgs, his energy bolts have become black as night.

“I owe Purcell something, where is he!” he shouts at the three.

“How the hell should we know?”, replies Hacker.“And who the hell are you?”

Upstairs in the Warden’s office/situation room, the warden eye’s Spirit suspiciously and asks him the same question. Nervously Spirit replies, “That’s really Bronze Fist, a hero. I wasn’t aware he was here.”

Bronze Fist hits Hacker with a more substantial charge, “How did he get those cybernetic upgrades, those were your spare parts!”

“I don’t know! Some of the guards must have smuggled them to him, I think some of them are on the take!”, he replies.

“Fine! Get back in your cells!”, he bellows at them. Bronze Fist seems barely in control of himself as the black energy arcs from his body. He walks back into the hallway and begins hammering his fists at the wall. The energy pours out of him, shorting out the cameras in the hallway. Other cameras in the hub and cell blocks show the amazing display of energy as Bronze Fist rages in the hallway. After 10 minutes he is drained and the warden sends in the guards. They subdue Bronze Fist, who puts up no resistance, and take him to “the hole” on the suggestion of Spirit, hoping to maintain his “cover”. As Bronze Fist begins to recover the energy arcing from his body returns, now tinged a slight violet in color.

What else happened while Glisan had Portland in his clutches?!?

After a long night of helping Portland’s citizens recover from the machinations of Dr. Glisan, the heroes return to the Police department in order to continue superhero school. Captain Jared Derbin enters the conference room shortly after April begins lecturing however with a video cart in tow, “We have a problem.”

Capt. Derbin starts a recording, explaining that this footage was pieced together after an attack and prison break at Castle Rock. The first section of footage shows a blue streak fly in and disable the outer defenses of the Castle Rock facility. Once he is done a flaming figure flies in and lands next to the entrance door, the woman uses her flame powers to melt the front door of the facility into slag. The next scene shows a cell door being flung across a room and electricity arcing all over, a hulking figure comes into view and when he turns towards the camera several of the heroes recognize the face of James “Wolfman” Purcell. There are wires and electrodes strung up his back all along his spine. Two large electrodes are sunk into him about the shoulder blades and the line of wire and steel ends with two more electrodes that seem to be connected to his skull. Purcell has obviously gotten some upgrades as he has nearly doubled in bulk as well. Another burst of electricity from him and the camera goes black. A scene begins on the woman’s level of the prison, the elevator doors are pried open by Purcell’s massive hands, he stalks to a cell door and rips it off of it’s hinges. A winged woman emerges from the cell and follows him back to the elevator shaft. The last scene of the video shows the four villains flying away towards the northwest, Purcell being carried by the man in Blue armor. Capt. Derbin shuts off the monitor.

“The man in blue armor goes by the name Blue Dynamo, the woman with flame powers is known as Inferno. Obviously you recognize Purcell….. he has undergone some changes though it would seem. The other woman they broke out goes by the name of Shrike.”, he says.

The heroes confer amongst themselves for a minute then begin asking questions. Spirit asks, “What do we know about these others.”

Derbin replies, “Allison Stoller a.k.a. Shrike, the wings are fairly obvious of course, she is extremely vicious, likes to use claws that can cut through steel. She was incarcerated for several counts of murder in conjunction with her last heist. She has a history of stealing flashy jewelry and killing anyone who gets in between her and what she is after.”

“Blue Dynamo, real name unknown, powered armor suit, extremely fast in the air. That is probably why he has never been captured, if he can get in the air nothing we have can keep up with him. Those blasts from his suit pack a hell of a punch as well. Inferno is another unknown, never been captured. Obviously flame based powers, she melted through the two inch thick steel door at Castle rock in under two minutes. We have no idea how Purcell came by his modifications while in the prison but he is obviously a bit more dangerous than he used to be. Six guards were killed during the escape, three on the women’s level and three on the men’s.”

After much discussion a plan is devised. Iron Bow and The Midnight Wiz will try and track down the escaped villains. Ion will infiltrate the prison disguised as a new guard, replacing one of the slain guards. Spirit will visit the prison in the guise of an efficiency expert from the DSA to try and help fix the holes in their security. Bronze Fist will become the “Red Rager” and go undercover as an inmate to see if any of the prisoners know where the escapees may have gone and how Purcell got his alterations.

Superhero school

After a couple of uneventful weeks in Portland our heroes finally get to attend class in order to receive their superhero credentials. Arriving at the PPD building in downtown Portland a new DSA agent greets them, one April Miller. April is as close to the exact opposite of the last DSA agent as is possible, young, vibrant, attractive, and very excited to be meeting actual superheroes for the first time in her career with the DSA. She quickly leads them into a conference room and after handing out some voluminous tomes as study materials she starts in with lecturing the group on how superheroes fit in to the scheme of things in America. Many long hours later Bronze Fist is daydreaming about stopping crime and staring out the window when every monitor and TV screen in the PPD Building flares to life with the visage of Dr. Glisan!

Hello Portland, my name is Dr. Rodney Glisan. For years I have stayed in the shadows, quietly shaping our beloved city. Molding this city longer than any of you has been alive! I have watched as this beautiful city has turned into a decadent cesspool of vice and corruption!

No More!

No more will I content myself with a shadowy existence while the masses revel at the appearance of masquerading buffoons!! Bronze Fist?!? Seraphim?!? Charlatans!!! Ion, Spirit and The Midnight Wiz?!? Costumed Clowns!!!

I will put an end to this foolishness! My vision for the future will be realized!

With this statement loud explosions are heard outside and the building shakes with the concussive force. The heroes rush into action, Spirit opens his pocket dimension and urges April to step inside for her own safety. Just before the entrance closes he asks her, “So, are we OK to go stop this guy since we haven’t finished the course yet?” The rest of the heroes rush to the rooftop to get a good assessment of what has happened. No vehicles move in the city, power seems to be out everywhere. A shimmering dome of energy glows in the sky as smoke rises from several parts of the city. Ion spots a passenger plane in trouble, it appears to be headed for the Columbia river. With his super speed he rushes to save the plane. Bronze Fist spots trouble on the Marquam bridge on the south end of the city and rushes off in that direction.

Arriving in time Ion uses his gravity control to make the passenger plane light enough that he can maneuver it with his TK ability. Ion sets the plane down at the Portland airport safely. Bronze Fist finds a car in flames on the bridge that is much too close to a fuel tanker for his liking and throws the car into the river. The rest of the League begins getting people off of the bridge and to safety. Bronze Fist notices the water is no longer moving under the bridge, it seems the energy dome is cutting off the river.

The heroes quickly come to the realization that they are the only ones in the city with a viable communications system in The Midnight Wiz’s magic communication crystals. Bronze Fist wants to make sure and keep any mobs from forming and looting from happening. Iron Bow feels he may be of most use in checking the hospitals with his medical background, but then realizes that there are still several super villains that had been left in the PPD’s custody! Rushing back to PPD headquarters they find Portland’s finest rushing in and out of the building via bicycle and horseback. Captain Derbin has set up a command post in the lobby and they ask him about the villains in the holding cells. It seems that when the power went down they managed to break out of their cells. Their current whereabouts are unknown and, unfortunately, the recapture of the villains is not high on the police priority list currently. With the PPD arguing that they have things more or less under control the heroes decide to try and solve the puzzle of getting rid of the barrier.

Ion runs to the edge of the energy barrier and discovers that it cuts down into the ground, it is possible that the entire city is actually en-globed by the energy barrier! When Bronze Fist nears the barrier he discovers that it is draining his electrical energy powers, the barrier must be some sort of dampening field. Ion tries using weather control to it the barrier from outside with lightening, the energy just dissipates over the dome. Bronze fist throws nearby debris at the field only to watch it shatter against the energy barrier. The Midnight Wiz, Spirit, and Iron Bow decide to try and find the center of the dome area, hoping that some sort of generator for the barrier can be found at that location. Unfortunately no such device is found. With the energy barrier dampening electricity the heroes decide to try and use a compass to locate the barriers source, rationalizing that the compass should point to the strongest electrical source in the dome. The compass points unerringly north. Ion runs to the furthest northern point inside the barrier and tries to look out through the shimmering energy, though hazy and indistinct he spies a beam of energy coming down out of the sky from the north.

Midnight Wiz tries to transmute a hole through the barrier but cannot effect enough of it to succeed. Likewise his attempts to use his own force field fail. Spirit attempts to open the door to his pocket dimension on the other side of the barrier, he has never attempted opening the door further than a couple of feet from himself and this taxes him greatly but he is capable of opening it up far enough away from himself that he can get at least a few people outside. Ion, Midnight Wiz, and Bronze Fist are chosen to try and get out and disable the energy barrier at it’s source. Bronze Fist makes sure to grab one of the adamantium bars he has stashed at his rail car before they make their way out of the city. The exertion of opening the portal so far from his own body is taxing on Spirit but he manages to get the other three heroes outside the barrier safely. While Bronze Fist, Ion, and Midnight Wiz go after the source of the barrier, Spirit, and Iron Bow return to helping the citizens of Portland through the crisis at hand, and possibly spotting the escaped villains Vermina, Crag, and Rudra.

Following the energy beam to it’s source, Midnight Wiz, Bronze Fist, and Ion come upon a 30 foot in diameter version of Dr. Glisan’s drones. This huge drone is projecting the barrier encapsulating Portland. Bronze Fist tells Midnight Wiz to set him down on top of the drone and begins bashing his way inside with the bar of adamantium. Once inside he let’s out with a huge burst of electrical energy, disabling the machine. He jumps back out and Ion uses his gravity control powers to keep the machine from plummeting to the earth. Meanwhile, back in Portland, Iron Bow and Spirit watch the barrier dissipate and check to make sure emergency generators kick in at the area hospitals. The three escaped villains are not spotted.

Hey wait.....wasn't there a tunnel in that warehouse?

After taking Vermina, Rudra, and Crag in to the PPD for holding, Captain Derbin informed the heroes that there was a DSA agent waiting to meet them upstairs. Spirit decides to try and impress the agent by having everyone come out of the closet in Derbin’s office via his pocket dimension, the agent is not impressed. Derbin seethes quietly at the agent sitting at his desk but says nothing about it. Agent Parker makes an appointment to return in one week for the superhero licensing class and test.

At this point the group remembers that there was a tunnel leading underground back at the warehouse they neglected to examine.

Rushing back to the scene of the battle with Vermina the heroes discover that the hole in the floor is no longer there, in fact there are no signs that it was ever there. Spirit remembers the concrete only being two feet thick before changing to worked stone so Bronze Fist grabs a steel bar and begins to crack through the cement floor. After an hour or so he bursts through into the tunnel. The group carefully searches through the underground complex only to find signs of hastily removed equipment and not much else. Much discussion over forming a team and creating a base of operations ensued. No decision is made about a location for a base but a team name is decided upon.

League of Legends.

On the trail of Dr. Glisan

Bronze Fist and Seraphim followed the bikers to their warehouse and apprehend them. Bronze Fist began asking the bikers questions about Purcell and was rewarded with the name of his girlfriend and her address. After questioning her the heroes find out Purcell as indeed put up to the robbery by the shadowy Dr. Glisan. No further information is gained however.

Sara, down at the PPD crime lab, calls to report a breakthrough with some of the electrical components. It seems that while some of the components were shipped to the Dixie Mattress Company, others were shipped to an address in North Portland, a seemingly abandoned warehouse located on N Van Houton Place. She indicates the warehouse on Google Earth to the heroes and they rush off to investigate. Bronze Fist and most of the others stake out the location from the wooded hillside for half a day before deciding to let Spirit attempt a reconnoiter of the building while invisible. Spirit wanders around the building looking for anything out of the ordinary and notices several security monitoring cameras on the building. Moving inside he can find nothing suspicious however. Ion, The Midnight Wiz, Bronze Fist, and a new ally of Spirit named Iron Bow, converge on the warehouse. No sooner than Bronze Fist enters the building, Vermina, Rudra, and Crag exit an office that Spirit had searched earlier! Vermina points her finger at Bronze Fist and yells for her cohorts to “Kill him!” In the ensuing battle Spirit decides to investigate the office and finds a tunnel leading downward.

After several minutes of battle Vermina and Rudra decide to try and flee back into the office, Spirit is ready for them and manages to open the portal to his “Paradise” dimension directly in front of the fleeing villains. Unprepared for such an occurrence, the villains run straight into the entrance! Spirit quickly closes the portal, trapping the villains inside. Crag also flees, but through a side door of the warehouse, he can’t escape the fast feet of Ion and his gravity control however and is finally subdued by the rest of the team.

A hero returns, crimes are foiled, news at 11

Spirit, Midnight Wiz, and Ion had center stage last night as they tried to track down clues on Vermina, Purcell, and the mysterious Dr. Glisan. Vermina’s notebooks contained mostly teenage angst filled material about how unfair her life has been. The Ringmaster was the only person who ever treated her as if she was important and now he is rotting away in jail, if only there were some way to get him out. A more recent entry spoke of how Dr. Glisan had offered to get Ringmaster out of Castle Rock for a fee of $2,000,000. The entry coincides nicely with the Nob Hill crime spree. Returning to Captain Derbin’s office, the heroes ask if anymore info has come up in regards to Vermina and any others that may have stayed in Portland after the Ringmaster’s arrest. Capt. Derbin has some info and two other possible meta-humans that did not continue touring with the traveling side show act. Crag is the first person the captain mentions, the picture provided looks like a statue carved out of solid rock. Apparently Crag’s job with the sideshow was as a strongman. Those that remember the act say he spoke with a heavy Russian accent. Another photo is shown to the heroes of a man who went by the stage name of Rudra. Of obvious Indian (from India, not Native American) heritage, his act is described as “The Man of 1,000 Faces”. He was also said to have performed many escape artist tricks. Tracking down a walking pile of rock sounds like it should be an easy job but there has been no sign of Crag for the past three years and Rudra, with his face changing talents, could be nigh on impossible to track.

Captain Derbin calls Midnight Wiz and tells him to turn on the channel 12. A brief commercial comes on for the 11o’clock news. “Heroes or Menace! Tune in tonight at 11!” A clip of Bronze Fist have a heated argument with Seraphim is shown during the commercial. Midnight Wiz immediately recognizes it as the argument that was staged to try and capture one of the flying camera drones. The rest of the team watches the news at 11 and all of the clips shown had to have come from those drones. The footage is credited as coming from an anonymous source. Consulting with Sarah at the PPD lab, the heroes decide to try and track the radio signal controlling the drones. After purchasing some equipment the heroes discover that the signal is being bounced off of cell phone towers to create a blanketing network over the entire area. The signal cannot be traced to it’s source.

A different avenue of investigation is decided upon. Perhaps Purcell’s old gang would have information on who put him up to the bank robbery. Spirit infiltrates the house invisibly and listens in for clues. What he gets instead is times and dates for various drug deals, he starts passing on the info to Capt. Derbin and PPD’s drug enforcement squad starts busting up the deals. The new leader of the gang is convinced that the house is bugged or someone is selling them out from the inside. A couple of weeks go by with the gang taking no action. Finally the gang members pressure the leader into setting something up as they are running out of money. The leader picks a seedy rock and roll bar in Rockwood to discuss the deal though so it will be harder to overhear the details. Spirit attends invisibly all the same. The gang leader outlines a drug deal in which two mini vans full of drugs will arrive at a house near 52nd and Johnson Creek. The vans will be taken to the gangs warehouse (no location is given) to have the drugs removed, cut, and processed for quick sale on the street. Spirit, Ion, and Midnight Wiz decide to follow the money back to the drug supplier, leaving Seraphim and Bronze Fist to follow the vans to the gangs warehouse.

Spirit places Midnight Wiz and Ion into his “paradise” dimension and follows the drug runners car south. After crossing into Mexico the heroes decide to swap out the briefcase full of money with another case full of worthless paper in the middle of the night. Ion sets up an electrical storm utilizing his weather control powers while Spirit sneaks into the couriers motel room invisibly. Spirit manages to make the exchange without getting caught. The next morning they return to Portland and turn over the case full of money to the Portland Police Department with an explanation of how they came by it. Those courier’s will have some explaining to do when they get back to their boss, of course they never examined the case when it was given to them so the Drug Lord may think that the biker gang ripped them off as well.

Carnies and Rats

The heroes attend an organizational meeting for the Nob Hill Neighborhood Watch. Captain Durbin introduces them to Edward Carson, the head of the neighborhood association. He agrees to bring the neighbors that have been robbed so far to a room in which the heroes can interview them about the robberies. While mingling with the crowd Ion overhears many of the crowd talking about a rat infestation in the neighborhood. During the interviews it becomes apparent that the only items getting stolen are small jewelry and other valuables. Seraphim has the idea that it might be the rats that are stealing everything and begins to ask questions about when they first noticed the rat problem as well as the dates of the robberies. The circumstantial evidence seems to point in the direction of someone controlling the rats. One robbery seems to have coincided with a wet bathroom floor, as if the toilet had overflowed or something had come out of it. Investigating the exterior of the house Bronze Fist finds what appears to be a females footprints near the clean out. Bronze Fist takes to the sewers in an attempt to locate the villain responsible. He spends several days wandering the tunnels from Nob Hill all the way down to Portland’s waterfront area with no success.

Meanwhile The Midnight Wiz, Seraphim, and Ion work with Capt. Derbin to try and find more clues. A computer search pulls up additional unsolved robberies with a similar MO, though no where near as frequent as the happenings in Nob Hill. The robberies go back as far as three years in various neighborhoods around Portland, though never more than one in a given month. Capt. Durbin decides to widen the search and discovers a trail of robberies with the same MO that leads away from Portland in reverse chronological order and down through California and then back east from there. Armed with the dates of the robberies he widens the search again and a couple of days later comes up with a traveling side show act that’s tour dates seem to fit the pattern. Coincidentally the “Ringmaster” of the act was arrested three years ago in Portland while attempting to break in to the Intel/Mattel Smart Toy Lab in downtown Portland. He is currently residing in the Castle Rock facility as he exhibited super human abilities during capture, he was sentenced to 25 years. One of the side shows acts was a young woman who trained rats to perform many amazing tricks. Looking deeper into her history, a sealed file is found with juvenile records, it will take a court order to open. A picture of the young woman is found though, as well as her stage name and real name. Sharon Wells aka Vermina.

The heroes take to the streets and begin asking homeless people if they have seen anything suspicious. A couple of Portland’s street people talk of the rat queen who lives in the Shanghai tunnels under Portland. A few have seen her, no one has ever tried to follow her though. Seraphim locates some maps of the tunnels from tour companies. They are far from complete but provide a starting point in the search. After several hours searching they stumble across a group of rats that squeal and run away, the heroes give chase and find a large, dimly lit, room. A dingily dressed young woman screams “Attack!” and large swarms of the rats rush at the intruding heroes. Vermina herself leaps into the fray, trading a quick couple of blows with Bronze Fist. Ion whips up a mini hurricane in the room and Vermina decides it is time to flee. She rushes to a trap door leading to a warren of tunnels and makes good her escape. Midnight Wiz investigates the room that Vermina has been living in while Ion, Seraphim, and Bronze Fist attempt to find Vermina. Several exits are found from the maze of tunnels, it seems she has disappeared into the Portland streets. She did leave behind a pile of stolen goods though. The pile of loot is gathered up and returned to it’s rightful owners. The various insurance companies cough up finders fees for our heroes to the tune of $10,000. While not the $50,000 prize for capturing the villain, it is a nice payday for two heroes in particular with no day jobs to sustain them.

Villain revealed...... Sort of

The heroes return to the PPD lab to find out what Sharon has discovered. They meet a new hero named Ion, who is there asking about the robberies in the Nob Hill area. It seems the neighborhood association has offered a substantial reward for the capture of the party responsible.

Sharon has come up with a possible name based on the partial business card found. The Dixie Mattress company. Ion, overhearing the conversation, offers to accompany the other heroes as they investigate the company. After a brief discussion Seraphim, Bronze Fist, and The Midnight Wiz agree to give Ion a shot. The four heroes make thier way to the Dixie Mattress Company to investigate.

The building appears deserted, dust covers everything in site as the heroes peer through the windows. They check out the roof to see if there may be an access point but don’t find one. Bronze Fist decides to rip the back security door off of it’s hinges and access the building in that manner. The rest of the group follows him inside. There doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary inside the building but it is obvious that the building has a basement. In lieu of looking for a way down Bronze Fist bash’s the heavy security door against the floor timbers to make a hole. Seraphim and Ion find a trap door in a back corner and proceed downstairs. Bronze Fist finishes breaking the floor he is standing on and drops into the basement. The heroes spread out and begin searching the basement. Bronze Fist rushes into a room and spies a security camera with an active light, he crushes the camera in one hand and bars spring up from the floor, trapping him in the room. After a few seconds a hidden panel opens in a wall, exposing a lcd screen. An elderly looking bald man appears on the screen and begins to talk with Bronze Fist. He apologizes to Bronze Fist, explaining that he normally “takes care of” people like him before they get a chance to get into the public eye. He continues by offering Bronze Fist the option of either working for him or dying. At this point Bronze Fist smashes the lcd screen. A powerful sleep gas begins to fill the basement, knocking Ion unconscious. The other heroes manage to resist the effects. After attempting to bend the bars, Seraphim and Bronze Fist figure out that by pushing the bars back down into the floor they can overcome the traps hydraulic mechanism. The bars are slowly forced down until a line bursts and then they fall back into the floor. The rest of the basement is searched, revealing a workshop with spare parts for the floating orbs that have been following the heroes and a “barracks” of sorts with three bunks and a tunnel leading outside. Ion, awake finally, hears a beeping noise and the heroes evacuate the building just before an incendiary device goes off. Ion uses his weather control ability to make it rain inside the building, keeping the fire from spreading to adjacent structures.

The heroes decide to scavenge the metal from the trap as it was so strong the combined efforts of Seraphim and Bronze Fist couldn’t bend it. Taking a sample of the metal and a canister of gas found in the basement to the PPD lab, Sharon immediately recognizes the metal as adamantine. She gets to work on the gas but that could take quite some time to figure out all of its components.

Who is watching the Heroes?

A month and a half after the bank robbery Purcell is finally set to go to trial. His gang have all turned witness against him, seems they aren’t too happy with their leader getting them all in this mess. The Midnight Wiz, Bronze Fist, Seraphim, and Eagle are all contacted via news media, billboards, etc to come forth and testify as well. However after the charges are read off (a rather extensive list including attempted murder, aggravated assault, and on and on) the court is stunned when Purcell pleads guilty to everything. After a short deliberation in her chambers the judge returns and sentences to a maximum of 50 and no less than 25 years in Oregon’s Meta-Human maximum security facility at Castle Rock. Purcell is lead away in heavy manacles with a smug, self satisfied look on his face.

Bronze Fist, sensing something peculiar about the proceedings asks for a “visitation” with Purcell. “Wolfman” agrees to the visit and sees Eagle, Seraphim, and bronze Fist in an interrogation room at the courthouse. Purcell glares at Bronze Fist as he enters and demands to know who the hell he thinks he is anyway. Seraphim turns on his “awe” inspiring glow in an attempt to cow Purcell into admitting what he is up to. Bronze Fist tell Purcell that he is the one that will stop evil doers like him from terrorizing Portland. At this Purcell snaps the steel ring that has been holding his hands down to the table and yells at him, “You think your going to stop me?!?” At this action the PPD bursts into the room and hits Purcell with electrified batons, stunning him and drags him out of the room and back to his cell. The next day Purcell is loaded into an armored car and begins the journey to Castle Rock.

In the week following Eagle spots a strange metallic orb following him as he and Seraphim patrol the city. They contact Bronze Fist and Midnight Wiz about the incident and the group devises a plan to find out if anyone else is being similarly followed. Bronze Fist puts on a display while on top of a parking garage while the rest take up positions to spot the orb/orbs. It turns out that each of the heroes has a “tail”. The orbs appear to have some sort of camera lens on the front and are watching the heroes as they move about. As soon as Bronze Fist notices one and try’s to look at another the orbs all flee at high speed in different directions.

Meeting at Bronze Fists abandoned railway car in North Portland, the group devises a plan to try and capture one of the orbs. The first stage is to try and feed whoever is watching a little misinformation about Bronze Fist. Eagle disguises himself in street clothes while The Midnight Wiz uses an illusion to disguise himself as a pickpocket. At a pre-arraigned time Wiz pick pockets Eagle and then flees down the pathway at Waterfront Park. Bronze Fist leaps into action to chase the “pickpocket” and accidentally collides with a metal lamp post. At this he begins to act as if the steel post is grounding him out and draining his energy. The “pickpocket” drops the wallet and runs away at this. Eagle picks up his wallet and goes to thank Bronze Fist who is still “reeling” from his “energy drain”. Bronze Fist warns him off and after about five minutes begins to “recover”. He leaps away from the scene as Eagle fades into the crowd. Several days later an argument is staged between Seraphim, Midnight Wiz, and Bronze Fist at a railway yard on Swan Island. Seraphim and the Wiz yell at Bronze Fist, claiming that he has put them all in danger with this heretofore undisclosed “weakness”. Eagle is standing by, invisible, with a sack to try and capture one of the orbs if it shows up. One does indeed and Eagle manages to snag it in the first attempt. The Midnight Wiz throws a force-field around the orb as Eagle becomes visible once more. A loud crackling of energy is heard and smoke begins to pour out of the captured device. It seems that a self destruct mechanism was built in to the orb.

The group decided to take the orb to the PPD special ops unit for study. Captain Jared Derbin Escorts the group to the units lab and introduces them all to a woman he calls Sharon. She examines the device and the remains of a scorched business card are found inside. The only printing on the card that is still legible reads “ixie M”. The heroes ask Sharon if she can try and run the partial words against known business names in the Portland Metro area. She agrees and tells them that it may take a few days as this is not much to go on.


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