The Midnight Wiz

Male, Height 5'9", Wears black pants, black long sleeve shirt, white tennis shoes, and a cowl hooded cape. Carries a staff with a blue crystal on the end.

  • Weight 196
  • Basic Hits 4
  • Strength 12
  • Endurance 15
  • Agility 13
  • Intelligence 30 = (15+15)
  • Charisma 11
  • Hit Points 20
  • Damage Modifier 4 = (+1+3)
  • Healing Rate 1.6
  • Accuracy +7 Staff = Acc: +1 Heightened Expertise: +4 Staff +3,
    +1 = all others
  • Power 70
  • Carrying Capacity 316
  • Basic HTH Damage 1D6 +4,
    1D6 +4 +4 w/Staff
  • Movement 40”
  • Current Level 3rd
  • Training 1st lvl…..Agility
    2nd lvl…..Strength
    3rd lvl…..Agility


  • Spells——-Magical Staff – Most of the Midnight Wiz’s Spells are channeled through his Quarterstaff
    …..Force Field (screen): Required ½ power per power point repelled
    …..+3 to accuracy in combat, Damage 1D4 in HTH
    …..Communication Crystal.
    …..Disguise Spell
    …..Tracking Spell, Unique Energy Signature
    …..Bronze Fist Armor
  • Regeneration…..
    …..Heals 1.6 Hit Points per turn rather than per night, unless unconscious, except in full darkness which he heals at normal rate of 1.6 per night
  • Transmutation…..
    …..Transmutes items/characters to air for 1 Hour. Does not work on living tissue. (Intelligent beings, animal, plants, will however work on dead tissues, dead/cut Wood, cadavers, etc.) Power cost 8 per attempt, range: (Intx2) 60”.
  • Flight…..
    …..180 mph, 726” per turn. 1 power point per hour.
  • Heightened Expertise……
    …..Quarterstaff, (+4 to Hit in HTH using Staff)
  • Heightened Intelligence B…..

Det. Hidden….22%
Det. Danger….26%
Inventing …..90
Inventing Points x3 per level. (Magical Spells)
Current Inventing Points Available…..0
1st Invention…..Bronze armor for Bronze Fist.
2nd Invention…..Disguise Spell
3rd Invention…..Communication Crystal(s)
4th Invention…..Detection Spell on Power Emission of ORBS
5th Invention…..Inspiration, used to Power Surge/Backfeed Power Emission of the Orbs. One time use only.
6th Invention…..Invention Spell Heightened Expertise 2pts Transmutation
7th Invention?…..Master Computer (Not Complete)
Cash Available…..$30,966


When a young boy, the Wiz loved to explore mysteries and hidden places. His neighbor, a very old man caught him one day trying to sneak into the basement of his neighbors house. He asked the Wiz what he was doing and then laughed when the Wiz answered. He asked the young boy if he wanted to see some real mysteries. The Wiz ever curious said sure and the old man proceeded to show him magic tricks and pictures from a time period called Vaudville in which the old man said he was a spiritualist and magician. He even bragged about a man called Houdini trying to debunk him but Houdini could not prove it. However, he could not prove it was Houdini because the man refused to identify himself.
The two rapidly became friends and student and teacher. The old Magician began teaching the Wiz various aspects of his trade, Ley lines, how to communicate with spirits (A skill that the Wiz is still learning, but has not proved useful in his current endeavour) levitation(flying), Focii (the creation of magical focus artifacts such as his staff and Bronze Fists Armor, the only successful artifacts he has created so far) and other mysterious and strange knowledge. For 7 years the Wiz learned from the old Magician, sometimes taking trips with him to strange and exotic locations, some not even in this world.(or so he thinks) It was from one of these trips that he learned how to transmute non-living things to air. The old man said that if the Wiz got really good at it he could even transmute water to air and live under water. However, the old magician said that this power was not magic, but from some other source that he was unfamiliar with, but certainly not magic. At the end of this time the Old Magician told the Wiz he was leaving, but someday he would be back and would teach him more if he could. That was several years ago and he has not seen the old magician since.
Several months after the old magician dissappeared the Wiz realized that he did not know what Vaudville was. When looking it up on wiki he came to the realization that the old Magician would have to have been more than a hundred years old at the time he met him.
All of his clothes have woven into them, very fine intricatly designed copper wires almost invisible to the eye. The staff is also wrapped in a very fine copper wire, in unusual patterns and motifs.

The Midnight Wiz

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