Strength: 12
Endurance: 12
Intelligence: 48
Agility: 18
Charisma: 13

Level : 4
Basic Hits: 7
Hit Points: 52
Power Points: 90
Basic HtH: 1d6
Accuracy: +3
Damage: +8
Movement Rates: 42" sprint, 633" flight (144mph)
Carrying Capacity: 459 pounds
Detect Hidden: 68%
Detect Danger: 76%

Training achieved so far:
1st – Defense -1 to be hit by HTH attacks
2nd – Defense -1 to be hit by HTH attacks (for a total of -2)
3rd – Advanced medical training and magical healing principles
4th – Dimensional physics and theories
5th – Physics of magic and mystical energies

Avian Powers: Heightened Int (9), Eagle Eye (Heightened Senses:sight), Sixth Sense (Heightened Senses: detect dangerx2, detect hidden x2)
Heightened Intelligence B (
Flight 144mph

Magic Spells
Birds of Paradise – Opens a doorway to a private extra-dimensional space with a large paradise like garden,
with small, friendly, spirit birds. PR 8 to open, doorway is a 10’ by 10’ square. It can be
held open at the cost of concentration +1 action. (A portal can be opened up to a range Intelligence in inches)

Destination Portal - Open a portal (Mystical Doorway) to anywhere within range (see Teleportation)
(PP 12 per opening, Range 8522 miles (45billion feet), Portal size is 5’x5’ to start, but I may spend 1PP to increase the size at a cost of 1 PP per inch (5’x5’ area) It can be
held open at the cost of concentration +1 action

Eyes of the Spirit - Weakness detection, can detect one weakness per action, and gain +8 (1/6 my int) to hit,
This may be used at a range up to a range of 24" (1/2 int), 1pp per action of piercing
gaze. The bonus to hit a particular observed person fades after 24 hours.

Eyes of the Heart -Super-powers detection, can only be used on a target after Eyes of the Spirit, as per the
normal weakness detection with a range of 1” except it detects Super Powers instead, 1pp
per action of piercing gaze. The 1/6 my int bonus to hit razes to 1/3 my int (+16) to hit a particular observed person, which also fades after 24 hours.

Healing (Greater) Regenerates tissues, repairs organs and reconstructs body parts.
Healing (MBI) Mystical Biometric Defense -Cures disease, poisons, and expels organisms.
Healing (Combat) Spiritual Healing-1d6 pints of HP’s restored per power point spent.

Resurrection -I can bring the recently dead back to life… how cool is that. Humm this
could be a philosophical dilemma. As revivication with double the power
cost (50 pr per attempt)

Spiritual Vanishing -Invisibility (self only) cost of 2 power points per hour.

Spiritual Transformation – Non-corporeal ability at 1.5 x normal power cost. (6 pp/hour)

Tapping the Life-force – Area affect PP absorption. Cost to initiate 4PP. Absorbs 1d4 + damage bonus (1d4+8)
from each living entity within a radius of me equal to ½ my intelligence in inches (24”).
Affects plant live. Non-living things such as robots or drones are not affected. PP
absorbed in the excess of the characters maximum are dissipated at a rate of 1 per round.

Tapping the Void -Improved Invisibility expands what invisibility affects by placing the caster in a
removed state. Requires Spiritual Vanishing (invisibility) and Spiritual Transformation
(non-corporealness) to be active before it can be cast. It costs 2PP per hour in addition
to the other spells. Removed perception results in detect hidden and Detect danger being
halved for the caster and those perceiving the caster. Can take thing into the state with
him if in contact with the object or person.

Tracking Person Spell- Variable Power cost- See description. Must have some spiritual presence

Computer inventions:
The Archangel Program (cost two invention points) An interfacing subroutine that allows for the communication, tracking and monitoring of anyone who has a Communication Crystal.

The Dr. Watson subroutine assists in the design and crafting of inventions.

Item Descriptions:

Tracking Bugs: They are currently dormant, Switch on activate. They can be tracked by Iron Bow or MIC Bug 1 (magnetic, ½ oz, 6 hour duration) (I have two of these bugs)
Bug 2 (Velcro, ½ oz, 6 hour duration) (I have two of these bugs)
Bug 3 Hidden in Dick Tracy watch (can be remote activated by Iron Bow or MIC, 72 hour duration)
Hand held bug tracker (about the size of a TI-82 calculator) Range 15 miles (hidden in concealed inside pocket)

*Goggles of Ion *(Crafted by Ion) Fireproof goggles that link to the computer via a Communication Crystal and bestow Night Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision, Thermal Vision, Facial Recognition, and a +2 bonus to hit. (Cost $4,000 each + one Communication crystal, effective total $5000 each and 1 week)

*Communication Crystal *(Crafted by Midnight Wiz) I have it disguised in a watch on my left wrist. My running gag is it is my version of a Dick Tracy watch. It allows for verbal communication to others who have a similar crystal. The crystal can be set on transmit only which I often do when invisible. It can also vibrate to the touch when someone is speaking on the crystals. The crystal can communicate into and out of my pocket dimension. (Cost $1000 a piece and one week to craft)

*Power Blast Crystals *(Crafted by Midnight Wiz) These crystal produce a straight forward power blast attack. They each have 7 shots and self-recharge in one day. (Range S+E, Damage 1d20, as per power blast)
Cost $4000 each.

*Taser Grenades *(Crafted by Psymon) An exceptionally small stun grenade that emits an electrical pulse. They are actually rather heavy for their miniaturized size. They have a smooth exterior with a mirrored finish.
10’ radius, Range thrown = Agility in inches, attacks as per paralysis power, weight 2lbs, Cost $500 each.


Thoughts as we approach Halloween (10-19-11)

Wow it has been a year. As my new persona of Spirit has become a superhero many things did not happen as I had thought they would. First off, Even with my seemingly superior intelligence, I seem no more able to catch Super Villains than that of the meanderings and “bull in a china shop” approach of many of my comrades. I am reminded of Bronze Fist being the antitheist of this and have to wonder if he was/is in some way better at this crime fighting thing than I am.

I have become fascinated with magic, Spiritual Magic to be more precise. I have been studding medicine and physics to find way to apply this field. For that part I have been highly successful. I have developed several new spells and even a couple of computer routines for out mystical computer. But Am I a better Hero for it?

As my capabilities increase (recalling that once I was considered feeble by my comrades) does not my responsibility to make a difference also increase. And what of the cosmic warning we received from Skymaster Zeta about us having “Cosmic Ramifications”. Back then I had the impression that we would end up saving the World. But I still have no idea how or from what.

Psymon (The DSA inspector who watched me for a while before turning to join CHESS) said that I was too wrapped up in my own thought and not focused enough in the world around me. I guess I too suffer from Luke Skywalker disease, always thinking about where I am going and not on where I am and what I am doing.

At least (due to Psymon’s glowing review of me as a superhero after his inspection)I am no longer on Probation with the DSA and local law enforcement. Being an invisible hero I do not mind being anonymous, but being suspected of being closer to a villain than a hero, now that is disturbing. Reputaion and public opinion never just fades away, some say such things do not matter if you have a bad image, but for me that is not so true. For me it a red flag of a problem. A problem becuse at very least I would know.

On the bright side I have Midnight Wiz and Serifin to help ground me in this department. Together I think we are getting better as a team. Perhaps that is where the true strength to save the world lies.

Thoughts as we approach Christmas, Spirits Journal, December 6th, 2010.
It is as if I have final returned from a long journey of the mind. My thoughts are often consumed with contemplation about portals and dimensional forces. I think I have now made a breakthrough in how to open portals to anywhere on earth. I will have to practice this a bit to get down the range and precision. In theory I should be even able to reach the moon. Although without a space suit from Nasa it could be a very bad idea to go there. Perhaps I could send Ion, his powers are unfolding faster and faster. Each day he seems to me to be taking one step closer to becoming Superman. He even has blue tights (har har) I would not be surprised if he could make the trip.

I have even made a leap of understanding in targeting my portals onto places and people. It a combination of tracking thoughts and substance at the same time. Perhaps this is what is meant by finding someones soul. I do not seem to be able to track on to robots, cyborgs, or truly alien life forms. Ive tried with no results. I guess there are some things that just are not “alive enough” anymore for me to be able to find. That or they are just too altered for my comprehension.

On-day I might even expand this into trying to read a persons essence or thoughts. But I think Midnight Wiz and his crystals may be closer to a break through on this avenue. On an up-note, the crystals do seem to be an awesome conduit for tracing anyone who has a matching pair such as my fellow heroes.

All this revelation and breakthrough have been wonderful, but I now realize that I almost lost myself to theory and research. I have been obsessed with developing my own powers. I was using the excuse that “I was doing it to help the group and make a difference in the world.” But as I look around today, I see that I have done little to help the group or make a difference in recent days.

So far I am one to one on successes and blunders. I helped capture Dynamo. But I also may have blown the Red Rager’s cover when speaking to the warden in the control room. Beyond that a vast majority of my time has been spent in research and contemplation. Perhaps too much so.

I reiterate, I am awakening from a far off journey of the mind, I see that I have left my fellow heroes to fend for themselves. I realize now that I need Iron Bow’s leadership, Ion’s fast reactions, Midnight Wiz’s perspectives and understanding, and yes, even Bronze Fists for his lust for life. I need them all to keep me in the here and now. I think perhaps in this way I need them more then they will ever realize.

Mythology is filled with tales of mystical creatures that would lure men away. I think I was only a breath away from this possibility. I am taping the power and majesty of the most primal forces in the universe. In the face of such awesome forces I feel like an ant. As I gain deeper perspectives, I see more of these forces and each time I feel a bit smaller in the universe. Humility is easy for me these days.

What is becoming a driving force for me seems to be the group and the good that we do. The way we tracked a drug cartel down and helped the DEA. The way Ion save a jet falling from the sky. (ok, I did not do anything there, but that just rocked) The way we have aided the police and helped the innocent. The way as a team we got outside the barrier and destroyed the satellite casing the force-field. The way we tracked down and captured Dynamo. The way we have repeatedly moved closer and closer to criminal mastermind Dr. Glisan.

I feel we are now engaged in a game of cat and mouse with Dr Glisan. Up until now I have felt like he has always been tow steps ahead of us. With the capture of Dynamo, I feel as if he is only one step ahead of us (lol). Well at least were catching up on some level.

If I am able to progress and develop to counter the Doctor G’s tricks I wounder what the doctor is developing. Have we become enough of an interference that he is actually targeting us at this point, or are we but a annoyance to his endeavors. I am not sure if he is setting us up, but I do know that we do not have a clue, as to what he is really up to. To catch him I am going to have to figure out his master plan. To even get clues I need my new super powered friends. Unfortunately my gut is telling me that the next move is probably his.

While I must continue my research to develop my ability to aid the group, I must also maintain a presence of mind in the here and now. Together with my friends believe I can do both. Together I truly believe we can catch him.

Thoughts before Developing the Ghost-form
p. As to what I was before the accident that transformed Seraphim and myself, I would be best described as a good-hearted fellow that could make very little impact in the larger scope of the world. That is why when we were struck by something (the papers said it was a plane, but I still wonder) I started a new life as a super hero.

I did not just want to make a difference; I needed to make a difference. Especially now with my new-found abilities and intellect, I realized that what drives me is a spark of something divine and good. Now, I can make a real difference in the world and that is what I aim to do. It not just a simple matter of making a choice between right and wrong, but being true to myself. What I know without a doubt is that the core of myself I am a hero.

What I did not bargain for was how dangerous the super villains let alone my comrades are. Seraphim seems to have received the physical side of something, while I received a mystical spiritual connection. Both my super powered friends and the villains we are battling strike me as incredibly vicious. I would even describe some of them as battle loving maniacs.

Possessing a warrior’s spirit at many levels I find my self-lacking any true blood lust that often seems to drive the events that now surround me. For this reason I let those that revel in this war take the fore front. I chose rather to make a difference, often by looking for the forces that drive these situations. That is where I choose to make my impact. Catching the Masterminds that are behind it all. Bring to justice the untouchables. To do so I must be more aware, observant, and clever if I hope to engage in a battle of wits with these devious foes and make a difference where nobody else can.

Fortunately I have been able to develop my spiritual connection to do some mystical spell like effects. These effects combined with the fact that my intellect has been heightened, I can fly and turn invisible is helping me to become a formidable force for good. (Did I mention I can now fly and turn invisible…how cool is that…)

In our current group I am scout, detective, investigator, healer, travel agent, and I even assist in the act of capturing villains.


Heroic Portland AdamA