Bronze Fist

Electricity melée superhero


Name: Phillip Foster

Identity: Bronze Fist

Age: 33

Race: Human

Height: 5’9"

Weight: 160

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Drk Brown

Strength: 39

Endurance: 36

Intelligence: 8

Agility: 13

Charisma: 7

Hit Points: 65

Power Potential: 96

Basic Hits: 4

Basic HtH: 2d8

Accuracy: 1 (1 Grapple from Training)

Damage Mod: +1

Healing Rate: 4.4

Movement Rate: 98

Carrying Capacity: 5,032

Detect Hidden: 6%

Inventing Points: 8

Success: 24%

Detect Danger: 11%


Heightened Endurance B

Heightened Strength B

Lightning Control

Willpower (Never goes unconscious unless dead)

Heightened Speed


The Beginning

Phillip Foster was at one point a simple construction worker. There was little about him that was above average. He worked for several years on the “Big Pipe” project in Portland, OR. It was during this project that a would-be fatal accident changed his life forever.

While test drilling for the “Big Pipe” project, Phillip’s crew hit what seemed like a gas pocket 30 feet below the surface. An explosion destroyed the digging equipment, and injured several of the workers. Phillip fell into the hole that had temporarily opened up. The following cave-in burried him deep under ground. Crews worked tirelesly for a week to dig him out, but he was burried too deep. He was pronounced dead exactly 7 days after the accident.

Phillip, however, had not died in the accident. He slid nearly 1/2 a mile into the earth, followed quickly by the debris and rubble that entoumbed him. He would have surely been crushed, had he not fallen through a crystaline chimney, landing hard in a small chamber below. He lay there for days, between life and death; his body badly broken. After a few days, he had managed to pull himself up, accidently triggering a long forgotten control panel.

The room filled with a soft blue light. Phillip was standing in a metal chamber -strange symbols adorned the walls. He was clinging to a display screen filled with a strange writing. Scattered about were the ancient remains of alien humanoids. Thinking of signaling the sruface, Phillip began trying to work the control panel. His body wracked with the jolt of electricity that surged through him. He had inadvertently triggered a genetic modification program. The aliens used the machine to alter their dna to suit the environment of any planet they wished to colonize or conquer.

Phillip awoke on the surface nearly two months after the accident. His memory was cloudy of what had happened to him. He knew, however, that he could manipulate electricity in a way that allowed him to energize his muscles; giving him great strength, endurance, and speed. He still had great difficulty in controling the sudden bursts of electricity that sprung from his body. He tried to stand, the sound of electrical bursts arcing to nearby lamposts was deafening. The more he moved, the less control he had over his power. In the distance, he heard a voice cry out “Quickly, into the sewer!” Phillip looked up to see a shadowy man not far from him. The man was struggling to hold a sewer grate open. Phillip quickly flung himself inside, hoping that he would not bring harm to the man. The man droped a small crystal into the hole, then dropped the grate with a slam.

The Crystal began to glow softly, and a voice could be heard. “Are you ok? What happened to you?”

Phillip Answered back, still confused. “I…I cannot control it. I can feel it inside me. It is strong. I cannot control it.” The bursts of electricity continue to arc to bits of rusted metal inside the sewer.

The voice answers back. “I will see what I can do. You can contact me at anytime using the crystal. You may call me the Midnight Wiz.”

The Midnight Wiz was able to use his study of the arcane to fashion a suit of bronze armor, described in ancient Greek texts, that could grant the wearer the ability to touch Zeus’s thunderbolts. The Wiz returned to Phillip each day to bring him supplies. It took months to complete, but finally, the wiz brought Phillip the much needed armor. With the electrical bursts mostly contained. Phillip leaped out of the ground. “Now…let’s see what I can do”. Never again would he use his old name…he became Bronze Fist.

Bronze Fist is a hero of the people. He relentlessly patrols the streets of portland. He cares little of the property crimes against the wealthy. Bronze Fist’s temper and semi-destructive nature have little place in high society. He sleeps in an abandoned rail-road car in a north Portland junkyard.

Often Times, Bronze Fist teams up with The League Legends he is typicaly considered one of them though in his mind, he is alone in his ferver for justice. At least this is what he would have others believe. For only Bronze Fist knows of the battle raging within him. As he struggles to control his electrical powers, he too struggles against the growing rage that is a part of the alien technology that created him.

Bronze Fist

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