Heroic Portland

Villain revealed...... Sort of

The heroes return to the PPD lab to find out what Sharon has discovered. They meet a new hero named Ion, who is there asking about the robberies in the Nob Hill area. It seems the neighborhood association has offered a substantial reward for the capture of the party responsible.

Sharon has come up with a possible name based on the partial business card found. The Dixie Mattress company. Ion, overhearing the conversation, offers to accompany the other heroes as they investigate the company. After a brief discussion Seraphim, Bronze Fist, and The Midnight Wiz agree to give Ion a shot. The four heroes make thier way to the Dixie Mattress Company to investigate.

The building appears deserted, dust covers everything in site as the heroes peer through the windows. They check out the roof to see if there may be an access point but don’t find one. Bronze Fist decides to rip the back security door off of it’s hinges and access the building in that manner. The rest of the group follows him inside. There doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary inside the building but it is obvious that the building has a basement. In lieu of looking for a way down Bronze Fist bash’s the heavy security door against the floor timbers to make a hole. Seraphim and Ion find a trap door in a back corner and proceed downstairs. Bronze Fist finishes breaking the floor he is standing on and drops into the basement. The heroes spread out and begin searching the basement. Bronze Fist rushes into a room and spies a security camera with an active light, he crushes the camera in one hand and bars spring up from the floor, trapping him in the room. After a few seconds a hidden panel opens in a wall, exposing a lcd screen. An elderly looking bald man appears on the screen and begins to talk with Bronze Fist. He apologizes to Bronze Fist, explaining that he normally “takes care of” people like him before they get a chance to get into the public eye. He continues by offering Bronze Fist the option of either working for him or dying. At this point Bronze Fist smashes the lcd screen. A powerful sleep gas begins to fill the basement, knocking Ion unconscious. The other heroes manage to resist the effects. After attempting to bend the bars, Seraphim and Bronze Fist figure out that by pushing the bars back down into the floor they can overcome the traps hydraulic mechanism. The bars are slowly forced down until a line bursts and then they fall back into the floor. The rest of the basement is searched, revealing a workshop with spare parts for the floating orbs that have been following the heroes and a “barracks” of sorts with three bunks and a tunnel leading outside. Ion, awake finally, hears a beeping noise and the heroes evacuate the building just before an incendiary device goes off. Ion uses his weather control ability to make it rain inside the building, keeping the fire from spreading to adjacent structures.

The heroes decide to scavenge the metal from the trap as it was so strong the combined efforts of Seraphim and Bronze Fist couldn’t bend it. Taking a sample of the metal and a canister of gas found in the basement to the PPD lab, Sharon immediately recognizes the metal as adamantine. She gets to work on the gas but that could take quite some time to figure out all of its components.



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