Heroic Portland

The Firebrand's

After finishing up construction on the League’s new computer system (run on magical energy), Midnight Wiz get’s a call from Captain Jared Derbin. A body has been found floating in the Willamette and he would like Wiz to come and take a look at it, it seems to be some sort of a demon. Ion accompanies the Wiz down to PPD headquarters and they are shown to the Medical Examiners office. Midnight Wiz is not one hundred percent certain but the body does resemble demon’s that he studied during his apprenticeship to become a wizard. He believes the creature would have had tremendous strength and the ability to produce flames from it’s body as well. The right arm of the creature has been surgically removed, and not by the M.E.

Captain Derbin has some other news for the heroes, there has been a string of robberies being committed in the NW Portland area. The robbers are all dressed in gleaming silver suits and have some sort of flame projecting wrist devices. One officer has been injured during one robbery and Capt. Derbin wants the gang captured before they injure anyone else. Ion and Midnight Wiz decide to stake out the neighborhood most of the robberies have been committed in.

After several days of quiet they finally spot the gang flying close to the ground from their perch atop the US Bank-corp building. Ion‘s enhancements to his goggles have paid off! They leap to pursue the gang and catch up to them shortly after they have entered a bank in the Pearl district. After a quick recon and an even quicker fight, the Firebrand’s are subdued and brought to justice. Some minor property damage to the bank occurs, but it is all due to the actions of the Firebrands, no hostages are injured during the scuffle.


Players Characters Ion and Midnight Wiz recieved 286 XP and $2700 cash each.
Midnight Wiz Invention point, Heightened Expertise: Transmutation +2 to hit.
Ion – Special Goggles

The Firebrand's

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