Heroic Portland

A hero returns, crimes are foiled, news at 11

Spirit, Midnight Wiz, and Ion had center stage last night as they tried to track down clues on Vermina, Purcell, and the mysterious Dr. Glisan. Vermina’s notebooks contained mostly teenage angst filled material about how unfair her life has been. The Ringmaster was the only person who ever treated her as if she was important and now he is rotting away in jail, if only there were some way to get him out. A more recent entry spoke of how Dr. Glisan had offered to get Ringmaster out of Castle Rock for a fee of $2,000,000. The entry coincides nicely with the Nob Hill crime spree. Returning to Captain Derbin’s office, the heroes ask if anymore info has come up in regards to Vermina and any others that may have stayed in Portland after the Ringmaster’s arrest. Capt. Derbin has some info and two other possible meta-humans that did not continue touring with the traveling side show act. Crag is the first person the captain mentions, the picture provided looks like a statue carved out of solid rock. Apparently Crag’s job with the sideshow was as a strongman. Those that remember the act say he spoke with a heavy Russian accent. Another photo is shown to the heroes of a man who went by the stage name of Rudra. Of obvious Indian (from India, not Native American) heritage, his act is described as “The Man of 1,000 Faces”. He was also said to have performed many escape artist tricks. Tracking down a walking pile of rock sounds like it should be an easy job but there has been no sign of Crag for the past three years and Rudra, with his face changing talents, could be nigh on impossible to track.

Captain Derbin calls Midnight Wiz and tells him to turn on the channel 12. A brief commercial comes on for the 11o’clock news. “Heroes or Menace! Tune in tonight at 11!” A clip of Bronze Fist have a heated argument with Seraphim is shown during the commercial. Midnight Wiz immediately recognizes it as the argument that was staged to try and capture one of the flying camera drones. The rest of the team watches the news at 11 and all of the clips shown had to have come from those drones. The footage is credited as coming from an anonymous source. Consulting with Sarah at the PPD lab, the heroes decide to try and track the radio signal controlling the drones. After purchasing some equipment the heroes discover that the signal is being bounced off of cell phone towers to create a blanketing network over the entire area. The signal cannot be traced to it’s source.

A different avenue of investigation is decided upon. Perhaps Purcell’s old gang would have information on who put him up to the bank robbery. Spirit infiltrates the house invisibly and listens in for clues. What he gets instead is times and dates for various drug deals, he starts passing on the info to Capt. Derbin and PPD’s drug enforcement squad starts busting up the deals. The new leader of the gang is convinced that the house is bugged or someone is selling them out from the inside. A couple of weeks go by with the gang taking no action. Finally the gang members pressure the leader into setting something up as they are running out of money. The leader picks a seedy rock and roll bar in Rockwood to discuss the deal though so it will be harder to overhear the details. Spirit attends invisibly all the same. The gang leader outlines a drug deal in which two mini vans full of drugs will arrive at a house near 52nd and Johnson Creek. The vans will be taken to the gangs warehouse (no location is given) to have the drugs removed, cut, and processed for quick sale on the street. Spirit, Ion, and Midnight Wiz decide to follow the money back to the drug supplier, leaving Seraphim and Bronze Fist to follow the vans to the gangs warehouse.

Spirit places Midnight Wiz and Ion into his “paradise” dimension and follows the drug runners car south. After crossing into Mexico the heroes decide to swap out the briefcase full of money with another case full of worthless paper in the middle of the night. Ion sets up an electrical storm utilizing his weather control powers while Spirit sneaks into the couriers motel room invisibly. Spirit manages to make the exchange without getting caught. The next morning they return to Portland and turn over the case full of money to the Portland Police Department with an explanation of how they came by it. Those courier’s will have some explaining to do when they get back to their boss, of course they never examined the case when it was given to them so the Drug Lord may think that the biker gang ripped them off as well.


It is good to be back. I had allot of fun. I truly feel as if I have been missing out on a fun campaign. A special thank you to Dan and Cory helping me to get a feel for the campaign, and start to focus in my character. Midnight Wiz was really helpful in my trying to define down my magic and searching for a new name. As we started trying to focus in on catching DR. Glisan we quickly realized how organized he was and ill equipped we were to match wits with a prepared mastermind. We talked about our appearance, how the villain and the public might be seeing us. This lead to a discussion about communications and getting around. I was quite impressed with MW’s invention of a communication crystal for Bronze Fist. He agreed to start making one for each of us. This crystal can actually communicate with those in my pocket dimensions as well as not be shorted out by Bronze Fist. (Bravo, great invention) I was thinking that I might be able to build on the mystical crystals by developing spiritual abilities that could tune them to do certain effects. Perhaps we could include things such as the for anyone to access my pocket dimension. Or an ability to summon me to you, in case you wanted some help or another hand at a card game…lol Some ideas were bounced back and forth about way he could improve the crystals in time if he so desired. He also had a number of other great directions to go. I see MW’s creation of magic Items as nothing short of awesome. There is obviously allot of room for expansion and teamwork here. Overall … awesome game.


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