Heroic Portland

On the Trail

Iron Bow and The Midnight Wiz head after the escaped villains, stopping in several towns to the northwest of Castle Rock. It takes a week of searching but finally in Lone Rock someone has seen them. A local tells the heroes that he saw several people fly in low and head towards a cliff to the west of town a few days ago.

After dark they decide to try and look around the area the man pointed out to them, after a few hours of searching they locate a cave. Iron Bow decides to call in the rest of the team, unfortunately Bronze Fist is cooling his heels in the “hole” and needs to stay there to maintain his cover. Spirit and Ion are able to slip away from the prison and join the hunt.

A cave is spotted high up on the cliff face, upon investigation a trap door is found in the floor of the cave. A spiral staircase leads down into the rocks. Spirit scouts the hideout by utilizing two of his spells, one to become invisible and the other to become non corporeal. He glides through the walls silently and surveys the place. Blue Dynamo is found in a large room studying a map of Portland, James “Wolfman” Purcell, Inferno, and Shrike are all in smaller rooms further down a hallway. After a quick planning session it is decided to attempt capturing Blue Dynamo first. Everyone but Spirit enters his pocket dimension and then Spirit glides once more into Blue Dynamo’s room. He opens his dimensional portal directly in front of Blue Dynamo and Iron Bow grabs the villain, jerking him quickly inside. Spirit goes into the dimensional pocket as well and the heroes work to subdue Blue Dynamo. The battle is quick, Iron Bow maintaining a grapple on Blue Dynamo even as he starts to fly away carrying him. Ion reacts by making Dynamo 10x his normal weight, this slows him down but does not stop the armored villain. Iron Bow leaps off of Dynamo as Ion increases Dynamo’s weight to 16x normal. Dynamo crashes into the ground at a great speed, plowing a furrow in the sand. The increased weight is too much for him and he soon succumbs.

After several minutes of searching a release button is found and Dynamo’s helmet is removed. An older man, somewhat balding, gray at the temples, and quite skinny, is found as the armor is slowly removed.



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