Heroic Portland

On probation!

After the DSA finishes investigating the wrongful deaths at the hands of Spirit, his license is placed in a probationary status. A DSA agent is assigned to shadow Spirit when he is “on duty”, with instruction to not perform any superhero actions without his new partner.

The heroes leave PPD headquarters, relieved that Spirit has not been charged with a crime but somewhat apprehensive about the DSA agent in their midst. It will be four months of having this agent tag along.

Upon returning to the Legion’s HQ they find that someone has been in the building! Apparently the trespasser has cleaned and organized the entire HQ. Ion searches the entire building at super speed while The Midnight Wiz looks over the computer. Spirit grabs the shoulder of his new “leash” and makes both himself and the agent invisible and non corporeal. The agent, now blinded by Spirit’s actions, is drug along as Spirit searches the building. Midnight Wiz finds that someone has accessed the computer as well, using his own access codes to do so!

The next thing the heroes know, they are waking up in what appears to be a lounge of some sort. There is a dance floor in the center of the large room, surrounded by tables and chairs. At one end of the long room is a buffet table and some vending machines. At the other end of the room is the entrances to restrooms. Searching the mens room, they find a severed hand clasping a pistol. In the foyer of the womens room they find the mummified remains of a woman that the DSA agent recognizes as the Brazilian superhero O Cometa, who disappeared while fighting the Sky Pirates of Patagonia over 50 years ago.



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