Heroic Portland

My that's a REALLY big tree

C.H.E.S.S. has the NYPD evacuate the Chrysler building and everything in a one block radius for safety. The heroes are given special goggles that should protect them from the effects of the blinding blue flash. They take position outside the Chrysler building near the bungee jump stunt location. After several hours another immense flash occurs and a gigantic tree appears in front of the building. The tree is ten stories tall and begins to move towards the building under its own power!

The heroes leap in to action, dubbing the monstrous tree creature “Woodzilla”, Seraphim throws his flames at it. The flames seem to have a very strong effect as Woodzilla shoots several spines back at the flying superhero. Spirit comes in close to try and detect any weakness the immense tree may have, his heightened senses show him the obvious….. the creature burns quite readily. Psimon attempts to communicate with the tree telepathically but finds not discernible intelligence. With this knowledge he advises the heroes to “pull no punches” as the beast seems mindless. The Midnight Wiz Tries using his force-fields against the tree to little effect, only Seraphim’s flames seem to be doing much against the creature. Ion speeds to a local gas station and telekinetic-ally gathers 40 gallons of gasoline to bring back to the battle. Flinging the gas upon the creature he then lights it ablaze, the resulting fireball scortches a huge section of roadway but also finishes off the rampaging tree creature.



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