Heroic Portland

Meanwhile back at the Prison!

While The Midnight Wiz works on his tracking spell in an effort to locate Dr. Glisan‘s hidden lair, Ion and Spirit return to Castle Rock and their undercover efforts. One night, while Ion works monitor duty, the cameras go out down in solitary confinement. Ion calls in to the other guards but is unable to raise the guard station in the male prisoners wing. He decides to wake Spirit up and let him know what is happening. Spirit makes his way down to the bottom level of the prison and finds five guards in Bronze Fist’s cell. The guards are unconscious, as is Bronze Fist, the smell of ozone in the air from electrical discharge. Bronze Fist also has several bullet wounds and a large swelling on the side of his head.

Spirit heals the guards, fearing that Bronze Fist may have gone on another rampage. When they awaken they pull their guns on him however.

“Who the hell are you!?!”, yells one of the guards.

“Take it easy guys, I am on your side here.”, replies Spirit.

“Bullsh*t! Glisan didn’t say anything about anyone else here helping us!”, and with that they open fire at Spirit.

Thankfully Spirit had remained non corporeal and the bullets passed right through him. He acts quickly to place Bronze Fist into his pocket dimension and get him out of harms way. Ion, hearing the exchange through the communication crystal all of the league members wear, races to the elevator to try and assist Spirit.

With Bronze Fist safely in the pocket dimension, Spirit turns on his attackers, felling one quickly with a sharp blow to the temple. Ion arrives on the scene and lays into the guards from behind with a nightstick. The guards are quickly subdued, Ion recognizes all of them as employees of the prison he has been working with in his guise as a guard. After questioning they find that all of them had been in on getting Purcell the cybernetic implants and helping him install them. Dr. Glisan recently contacted them again, ordering them to kill Bronze Fist in his cell.

Bronze Fist is taken to the medical facility in the prison and several bullets are removed, afterward Spirit attempts to heal his injuries. While the healing seems to work, Bronze Fist does not wake up. It seems he has slipped into a coma, possibly due to the head injury sustained in the fight. The electrical field normally surrounding Bronze Fists body is gone, whether or not it is permanent is unknown. Spirit confers with the warden and since Bronze Fist has served a month in solitary he has no issue with him being taken to a hospital in Portland for monitoring and treatment.



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