Heroic Portland

Into the lair of Dr Glisan!

With The Midnight Wiz’s tracking spell finally completed the heroes set about tracking dowwn Dr. Glisan. They manage to locate the entrance to his underground lair, looks like the heroes will have to take a swim in the Willamette river to get to it though!

Ion scouts out the entrance first, finding a wide tunnel at the bottom of the river, carved into the western bank and leading under Portland’s downtown area. It leads back seventy odd feet before ending at a massive metal hatch. Midnight Wiz creates a force field bubble around everyone except Ion, who pushes the bubble through the water and down the tunnel. Once at the hatch, Spirit opens his pocket dimension and everyone climbs in. He then moves through the hatch while non corporeal and lets everyone back out.

The heroes find themselves inside a hanger with Dr. Glisan’s flying submarine contraption. Spirit goes invisible and non corporeal to scout out the base. While he scouts around Midnight Wiz decides to try and disable the controls to the hanger door so Glisan and his underlings cannot escape. He transmutes the controls for the door into air but sets off an alarm, alerting the base to their presence! Spirit looks around in amazement as the empty hallway he is in lights up with flashing red alarms. A doorway to the west opens and six armed men come out carrying guns. Spirit alerts the rest of the group to the men headed their way and then walks into the wall, continuing north and away from the ensuing conflict. Iron Bow, The Midnight Wiz, and Ion move into the storage area beyond the hanger to confront the oncoming henchmen.

Spirit finds himself in another hallway to the north when he spots several of the drones Glisan has used in the past to spy on the heroes. He moves through a doorway to escape their notice and finds himself confronting James “Wolfman” Purcell and Inferno! It’s a good thing he is still invisible though and he waits to see what they are about to do. Unfortunately the door swings open and the drones open fire on Spirit. It appears they can sense him even while invisible! He runs into the wall to escape their fire and moves to the east through solid rock.

The rest of the heroes have managed to take down half of the henchmen with guns, one of them now running around naked after having his clothes and gun transmuted to air by Midnight Wiz, when the drones start entering the fray. The blasts from the drones hit hard and the heroes begin to worry for their lives as Purcell and Inferno catch up with them as well! Inferno let’s loose with a fiery blast, frying one of the henchmen in an effort to kill Ion. Ion’s powers allow him to shrug off the blast however. In a flash of inspiration Midnight Wiz uses his tracking spell and reverses the flow of energies, frying all five of the drones at once!Ion nails Inferno with a gravity attack, crumpling her to the ground and unconsciousness. Iron Bow finishes off more of the henchmen (the naked one being ignored even though he manages to land a few punches). Spirit returns to the fight and hits Purcell with a large stick he picks up. Purcell manages to sense Spirit, even though he is invisible, and nails him with a bolt of lightening! Having subdued Inferno, Ion tries another gravity attack on Purcell and misses at first. The heroes are running out of juice and feeling rather battered when another doorway opens to the west. Dr. Glisan has arrived on the scene!

“I see that I will have to handle you meddling heroes myself!”, he exclaims and then unleashes a power blast that knocks Iron Bow across the room. Iron Bow staggers back to his feet as Spirit rushes over and heals him quickly. Iron Bow lets fly with a thunk arrow that bounces off the robotic body of Dr. Glisan. Ion manages to land his attack on Purcell, bringing him to the ground with a resounding crash. Purcell glares at Ion, unable to move now the he weighs twenty four times his original weight. Ion begins to drop heavy objects on Purcell as the rest of the team works on Dr. Glisan. One of Dr. Glisan’s blasts pierces Midnight Wiz’s force field, nearly killing him. He hits Iron Bow again and again, Spirit doing his best to keep him standing. The naked henchman is finally knocked unconscious shortly before Purcell also succumbs. Now faced with only Dr. Glisan, the group is horrified as another blast rips into the Midnight Wiz, killing him! With a final cry the rest of the team finally triumphs over Dr. Glisan, beating him into unconsciousness.

Spirit approaches the still form of Midnight Wiz and begins an incantation. Sweat soaking through his clothes, torn and bleeding, he staggers to his knees as the spell finishes and Midnight Wiz draws in gasp of air!



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