Heroic Portland

Hello New Friend!

After the destruction of Lone Rock the heroes take the survivors to The Dalles for medical attention. The majority of the survivors are elderly and the the high central desert country of Oregon is no place to be left out of doors in winter. They get the survivors into Spirit‘s pocket dimension and then fly to the medical center in The Dalles. Upon arrival they are spotted coming out of the pocket dimension by a young man who rushes over to great them. The excited young man exclaims he too is a hero and would like to join their group in order to help them fight evil. The Midnight Wiz and Ion give the youth a chance to show them what he can do. Inside the pocket dimension he speaks a word and is transformed into Shockwave! Midnight Wiz has heard of him before, the scuttlebutt on this “hero” has not been good, popular opinion being he may actually be a villain. They decide to take a chance and allow him to work with the group for the time being. Next stop Castle Rock in order to turn Blue Dynamo and Shrike over to the authorities.

Along the way Shockwave makes several suggestions for dealing with the villains, including making their own prison on the moon! Which leads to a confession about him bringing the lunar lander back one time but being told by NASA to put it back where he found it. Midnight Wiz manages to squelch Shockwaves suggestions and get him to go along with just turning the bad guys over to the proper authorities. Aftter turning the villains over to the guards the lead guard tells Midnight Wiz that the warden would like to speak with them. Warden Frazier greets them and brings them into his office. He explains that he knows that Bronze Fist is masquerading as The Red Rager and languishing in the hole of his prison. While he is OK with keeping his identity secret he feels that Bronze Fist must remain there for at least one month for injuring several guards when he went on a rampage in order to question several other inmates. Midnight Wiz agrees to talk with Bronze Fist and explain the situation to him.

With one day left on his weekend off from “guard duty” at the prison, Ion and the others question Blue Dynamo. Blue Dynamo answers their questions easily enough, telling the heroes of Dr. Glisan’s plans. It seems Glisan is developing a bomb that he boasts “Will reshape Portland as he wants it!” Furthermore Blue Dynamo has been to Glisan’s base before, unfortunately all he knows is that the entrance to the base is under water and in the vicinity of Portland. The heroes latch on to the idea of it being in one of the islands, either in the Columbia or Willamette rivers. Government Island is searched first to no avail, Ross Island is searched as well. Neither island yields up a base.

Seeking another avenue, Midnight Wiz returns to the PPD and talks with Sharon in the lab to see if she has discovered an energy emission that may be detectable from the probe she has been studying. She has finally found a detectable emission and gives Midnight Wiz the details on it. He sets out to craft a new spell capable of tracking the energy emissions in hopes they may lead them all to Glisan’s hidden base.



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