Heroic Portland

Death in a small town

Having captured Blue Dynamo the heroes make plans to take on the remaining villains. Spirit will stay in the pocket dimension and make sure that Blue Dynamo doesn’t escape. The Midnight Wiz, Ion, and Iron Bow prepare to take on James “Wolfman” Purcell, Inferno, and Shrike. Unfortunately, the villains aren’t were they were when they attacked Blue Dynamo anymore. As they look at each other in bewilderment the sounds of large hydraulic machinery is heard coming from elsewhere in the underground lair, they rush to investigate.

Entering the hanger portion of the lair they find a small VTOL capable craft with Dr. Glisan at the controls, the other villains preparing to board the craft. Shrike springs at Ion, raking him with her claws. Ion retaliates by making her way fifteen times her normal weight, she crumples to the ground. Inferno comes through a door and attempts to fry Midnight Wiz with a blast of flame. With a click and hum Dr Glisan’s voice comes over a set of loudspeakers.

“I suggest you let us leave, the base will explode in sixty seconds. The resulting blast will likely destroy the town below as well!”

Purcell sends a blast of electrical energy at Iron Bow and then ducks inside the craft. Ion makes certain that Shrike is unconscious and then super speeds towards town in an effort to save as many people as possible (thankfully the population of Lone Rock is merely fifteen souls). Iron Bow picks up the unconscious Shrike and heads for Spirit and his pocket dimension. Inferno climbs in to the waiting craft. Midnight Wiz flies straight up through the hanger doors into the night sky. As the ship lifts off, Midnight Wiz makes one last attempt to apprehend the villains with a force field pummel attack at the windscreen of the ship. The impact resistant glass cracks but holds as the ship flies off into the night, quickly attaining supersonic speeds. Wile Ion is fast he is not fast enough, Midnight Wiz can see that he won’t get to the last household in time so he attempts to reach it.

Neither hero is in time, the town is buried under a massive landslide as the base explodes spewing rocks high into the night sky.



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