Heroic Portland

C.H.E.S.S. and other leads

The heroes take what they have to the NY C.H.E.S.S. office for help. After viewing the footage from Holly’s bungee jump, and seeing the blue flash evident when the footage is slowed down considerably, they do a quick search for other incidents that may have similar blue flashes present. It takes awhile but footage from a bank robbery is found that exhibits a similar blue flash.

The heroes head to “The Bank of State” to look over the crime scene. Many items were stolen from the “warranty room” including several Frank Frazetta originals, $4,000,000 in uncut diamonds, $800,000 in rare coins, $2,000,000 in Brazilian Bearer Bonds, and a countless number of business and personal papers from NY’s rich and famous. The rear wall of the vault has an door sized oval hole in it that shows no signs of having been cut or otherwise demolished for entry. No dust, no debris, the material of the wall is simply no linger there. The bungee cord of Holly Combs showed a similar effect, the end showing no signs of having been cut, the rest of teh cord simply was no longer there.

Several other individuals are in the vault, looking through various lock boxes to ascertain their losses. As the heroes are asking questions a powerful flash occurs behind them. One of the bystanders in the vault clutches his eyes and screams as he falls over. The heroes turn to see a four armed, four legged, four faced creature advancing upon them carrying a rather large sword and a crossbow. After a fierce battle, the creature is defeated and Spirit rushes to aid the fallen bystander. He manages to revive the gentleman who turns out to be a Dr. Grayson. The doctor was looking through the vault for an experimental microprocessor that is needed to save the life of a nine year old boy. If it is not located and brought to the hospital within 24 hours the boy will die. Dr. Grayson’s eyes have been destroyed by the blue flash, it is lucky that the heroes hadn’t been facing in the same direction.

Back at C.H.E.S.S there is even worse news, the secondary teleportation is likely a side effect of the dimensional teleport used to get rid of the vaults wall. It is highly likely that a similar incident will occur at the location of Holly Combs stunt. The heroes have just a few hours to figure out what to do if the incidents timing is similar to the robberies.



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