Heroic Portland

Against Intercrime

The heroes tail Max to the Intercrime base. Spirit reconnoiters the base while invisible and non corporeal. The Portland Police surround the office building to capture any villains fleeing the scene. After mapping out the entire base a plan is devised to take on the man who appears to be in charge, he also appears to have the arm of a demon grafted on where his right arm should be. Spirit remains in the outer lobby of his office, invisible, while he opens the doorway to his pocket dimension inside the office proper. Shockwave, Ion, and The Midnight Wiz step out of the portal and confront Fire-Arm.

The battle is short, especially in the outer office. Spirit lays into the two guards there with his adamantine staff. Shortly after the battle begins the bodyguard manages to hit an alarm, sealing the inner and outer office behind a forcefield. The majority of the personnel flee the base and are captured by the PPD special ops squad waiting outside. When the fight is over it is discovered that the two guards Spirit attacked are dead, in fact they have been beaten to pulp. Spirit tries to revive the two men but his spell fails to bring them back to life; it appears that they have been too badly damaged to revive. Shockwave grabs the bodies in an effort to hide them just as Captain Derbin walks into the room. Spirit confesses to his actions immediately. Captain Derbin has no choice but to take Spirit into custody.


While Spirit received no XP for this fight (no XP for killing the bad guys), all attendees for the game session get a bonus 500xp for roleplay.

Against Intercrime

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