Heroic Portland


What else happened while Glisan had Portland in his clutches?!?

After a long night of helping Portland’s citizens recover from the machinations of Dr. Glisan, the heroes return to the Police department in order to continue superhero school. Captain Jared Derbin enters the conference room shortly after April begins lecturing however with a video cart in tow, “We have a problem.”

Capt. Derbin starts a recording, explaining that this footage was pieced together after an attack and prison break at Castle Rock. The first section of footage shows a blue streak fly in and disable the outer defenses of the Castle Rock facility. Once he is done a flaming figure flies in and lands next to the entrance door, the woman uses her flame powers to melt the front door of the facility into slag. The next scene shows a cell door being flung across a room and electricity arcing all over, a hulking figure comes into view and when he turns towards the camera several of the heroes recognize the face of James “Wolfman” Purcell. There are wires and electrodes strung up his back all along his spine. Two large electrodes are sunk into him about the shoulder blades and the line of wire and steel ends with two more electrodes that seem to be connected to his skull. Purcell has obviously gotten some upgrades as he has nearly doubled in bulk as well. Another burst of electricity from him and the camera goes black. A scene begins on the woman’s level of the prison, the elevator doors are pried open by Purcell’s massive hands, he stalks to a cell door and rips it off of it’s hinges. A winged woman emerges from the cell and follows him back to the elevator shaft. The last scene of the video shows the four villains flying away towards the northwest, Purcell being carried by the man in Blue armor. Capt. Derbin shuts off the monitor.

“The man in blue armor goes by the name Blue Dynamo, the woman with flame powers is known as Inferno. Obviously you recognize Purcell….. he has undergone some changes though it would seem. The other woman they broke out goes by the name of Shrike.”, he says.

The heroes confer amongst themselves for a minute then begin asking questions. Spirit asks, “What do we know about these others.”

Derbin replies, “Allison Stoller a.k.a. Shrike, the wings are fairly obvious of course, she is extremely vicious, likes to use claws that can cut through steel. She was incarcerated for several counts of murder in conjunction with her last heist. She has a history of stealing flashy jewelry and killing anyone who gets in between her and what she is after.”

“Blue Dynamo, real name unknown, powered armor suit, extremely fast in the air. That is probably why he has never been captured, if he can get in the air nothing we have can keep up with him. Those blasts from his suit pack a hell of a punch as well. Inferno is another unknown, never been captured. Obviously flame based powers, she melted through the two inch thick steel door at Castle rock in under two minutes. We have no idea how Purcell came by his modifications while in the prison but he is obviously a bit more dangerous than he used to be. Six guards were killed during the escape, three on the women’s level and three on the men’s.”

After much discussion a plan is devised. Iron Bow and The Midnight Wiz will try and track down the escaped villains. Ion will infiltrate the prison disguised as a new guard, replacing one of the slain guards. Spirit will visit the prison in the guise of an efficiency expert from the DSA to try and help fix the holes in their security. Bronze Fist will become the “Red Rager” and go undercover as an inmate to see if any of the prisoners know where the escapees may have gone and how Purcell got his alterations.



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